Monday, January 21, 2008

What's your favorite color? - Linda Conrad

Can you believe January is more than half over? I’ve always loved the month of January because you get to start new with a whole new outlook. But wait a minute, I’m already nearly three weeks behind. May I have a second January this year, please?

So what was I supposed to have done by the first of January? Well, a completed manuscript for my October 2008 book for one thing. The book is done now, only a few days (ha!) off schedule. It’s a terrific story, the second book in my Safekeepers series. The title is Safe By His Side and it’s full of magic, mystery and a hot romance! I really loved writing this story of a plain Jane who learns she can be so much more, and then manages to catch the man she never thought she wanted in the first place. But wow did I ever have trouble getting it finished over the holidays.

So what else was I supposed to have done long before now? I was supposed to clean up my office and prepare for my writing year ahead. I’ll have three books coming out this year and all the appearances that go along with them. June 2008 sees the publication of the first book in the Safekeeper series, Safe With A Stranger. October is book two, Safe By His Side. And in November I’ve been asked to write one of a six-author series called the Coltons. My book is number three of six and it’s about the sheriff of a rural Texas community and the amnesia victim that tumbles into his life. Not sure about the title yet, but I suspect we’ll end up with something like The Sheriff and the Stranger.

And most importantly, I was supposed to have a brand new website designed and running by January 1. By the time you read this maybe the new website will be in place. Fingers crossed, but we’ve had some illness get in the way. Check it out for yourself:

You know what one of the biggest hang-ups turned out to be with this new website? The background colors. Colors are important, I have come to find out. Who knew? I took a look at all the colors while I was trying to choose and I learned a little something about many of them. I thought first about red. Red is the color of excitement and passion. Well, that sounded good for my books. But actually a little too over the top for my website. Then I tried yellow. Yellow is the color of the warm sun. Sounded good. But then I remembered it’s also associated with being a coward. Not so good. How about blue? That color lowers the pulse rate but it may also slow down the body’s reactions to hormones. Hmm. Probably not the greatest idea for romance novels. Green? Not bad. It’s quiet and refreshing. But that wasn’t exactly the mood I was going for either.

I finally settled on light shades of purple and lavender. I went with them because those shades are associated with mysticism and new beginnings. I’m happy with my choice. It just says me and my books, but you will have to decide if you like it for yourself.

What is your favorite color? What does that color represent to you, and have you loved that same color since you were a child?

While you’re looking over my newly designed website, be sure to check out the new Behind the Book page for the Safekeepers, check out my new Fun Stuff pages and sign up for my brand new contest!



Margaret McDonagh said...

Linda, you are a woman after my own heart on the colour front. Purples and lavenders are my very favourites and my study is painted in those colours. I find them very restful.

I had a brief spell of pink madness when very young - although I wasn't remotely girlie or into dolls or anything - but purples and lavenders have definitely won the day in all respects since then.


Linda Conrad said...

Hi Margaret!
I was a purple freak as a kid. And I guess I never got over it. :)

Actually, today my favorite colors are black and blue. (The colors of my skin after my bad car accident on Saturday) I'm so glad to be alive, that the bruising and pain seems minor. But I guess that pretty soon I'll be purple and will match my new website --- if we ever get it finished, that is. The colors will kind of match my jacket on the picture I posted for this blog.

Unknown said...

I love wearing purple, especially the jewel tone purple. The color went out of style for a while but thankfully it is back.

felinewyvern said...

My daughter loves purple but I am an orange woman myself. I love the colour orange because it makes me feel warm and happy. Which is strange as I am allergic to the fruit orange!?

Wolfy said...

Hi Linda

I totally love your Guardian series and look forward to your new series.

My favourite color is black and has been for years. I remember my daughter telling me there were other colors to wear other than black - but it is a color I was just comfortable in. It is slimming for one thing. Other colors I like are reds, whites, blues.

I am so sorry you had an bad accident. I am glad that you are okay other than the brusing and hope that the pain goes away soon. But as you say those are minor when you think it could have been far worse. Gentle cyber hugs.

Estella said...

I love the color purple. When I was a teenager it was blue an in my early twenties I switched to purple.
Am looking forward to your new series.

Nathalie said...

I also love the purple... the light one though... it has been my fave since I turned 10, when my mom bought me a great purple dress.

Lily said...

I have a thing for pink... always have, however purple has also been a favorite :)

Linda Conrad said...

You know, I think there must be something about pink and purple. The same people who like one have also liked the other.
I was kind of surprised that you like the color black, cryna. But on the otherhand, next to purple I guess I like wearing black the most too. But I'm not sure I would've liked it on my website pages.
The orange choice was interesting too, ilona. I think the same warm thoughts about yellow but I can't wear it. My skin turns yellow and I look sick. :( Which would be terrible today with the black and blue.
Thanks everyone for the kind words about the Night Guardians. I wish this new series would be starting sooner than June. I can't wait for you to read it!

Madeline said...

Hi Linda, Purple and Lavender are very easy on the eyes when viewing something on the computer. I'm glad you chose those colors. The other colors you mentioned are a bit hard on the eyes, when trying to read small print.
My favorite color is a dark peach. I wouldn't use it on a website but, I wear it often in the summer months. Black would be my second favorite color since, almost half of my wardrobe is black.

Maureen said...

I love the color blue and it just seems soothing to me.

Amy said...

Just to break away from the pack, I'm going to have to say purple. :)

Michele L. said...

Hi Margaret,

I am also a purple lover! I love the deep purple color. I used to own these wonderful deep purple colored pants. Everytime I wore them I would get compliments.

The one compliment I got that I will never forget was from a very hot looking guy. He said to me,"Did you know you look great in purple?" I blushed and said, "No." I walked away and then overheard him ask his friend if he should ask me out for a date. His friend said that she is already taken. I had a boyfriend at the time. I was so taken aback by his sincereness.

I also love the color royal blue. It is one of those great colors you can mix with other colors. I am now into pink and black! Don't know whats up with that?

I like lavendar really well and have it as accent in my bathroom. I did a tatouage on the walls with an ivy border with a lavendar flower running through it with birds and butterflies interspersed around between the pattern. Otherwise the rest of the bathroom is white with white wicker cabinets and mirror.

Michele L