Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hey, 2016, Looking Forward To Knowing You -- Michelle Monkou

Not sure if I'm the unusual one who loves the winding down of the present year, while anticipating the steady approach of the new year. For me, the feeling is like slipping off a well-worn coat and picking a new, lighter wear as my accessory. I have no choice, but to go forward through that door marked 2016.

Because really, 2016 doesn't care if you're ready or not.

The new year isn't waiting to hear if we have prepared for it or, likewise, isn't disappointed if we just lazed around and stayed comatose on the couch. Doesn't matter if the weather is picture perfect or there're storms harkening to the Old Testament, upon its arrival.

The New Year will not be denied.

If we don't really have to prepare and we don't have to do anything spectacular, then why not welcome it with a smile and a happy heart. It's my philosophy these days.

With a big grin, I shout with a cheesy grin  - Welcome! Welkom! Ongi etorri! Bien Binidu! Tervetuloa! Maeva! Croeso!

And, I look forward to walking through that great big door and sharing with all of you my 2016 book releases. The writing cave will be in heavy use with a little bit of sexy romances, urban fantasies, and women's fiction coming your way.

Here's January's release coming soon: TO SEDUCE A BILLIONAIRE

What it's about: Take a trip to Monaco and meet the Laurent brothers—Damien, Dane, Dallon. Seducing A Billionaire is three connected stories of this powerful dynasty that thrives in the high-end real estate market. While this next generation continues the Laurent legacy, they are also Monaco's eligible and downright sexy bachelors. Falling in love may not be on the agenda. Yet, romance knows no bounds when the right women—Anna, Yasmin, Nicola—seduces her man.

Stay connected with me via my newsletter, Facebook or through my website for the release date information and buy links.

Tell us, how you're planning to welcome 2016.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

Michelle Monkou

Monday, December 28, 2015

Tonya Kappes: Out of here!

It's that time of year to shake off the old year and bring in the new year! AND it's time for everyone to blog about new year resolutions. Not me! I don't make new year resolutions. But I can't help but take a look back at what a whirlwind year it has been!

HarperCollins, my publisher, published the first four novels in my Ghostly Southern Mystery Series. All four! Plus I signed another contract with them to write more.
I'm also thrilled that I signed another three book deal with Henery Press for my Kenni Lowry Mystery Series.

I self published two novels, two novellas and participated in two box sets.

I had twenty-three public appearances and hosted my very first and very own reader event for my readers!

WOW! That was a big writing and publishing year.

2016.... Watch I come!!!

This new year is not going to be any different. I'm planning on introducing a new cozy mystery series to self publish along with my traditional releases.

My second reader event has been planned and already full.

I'm giving two key note speeches and over thirty appearances have been put on the calendar.

All I can bring it on!

What about you? Are you looking forward to the 2016?

Leave a comment to win a fun mystery pack!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sexy Athlete Alert: Football and Romance

 by Joanne Rock

After writing baseball players, hockey players and even a Formula One race car driver, I guess I’ve developed a passion for sports heroes in my romances.

So I was really thrilled to sell a series to Harlequin Desire where the heroes are football players or guys otherwise attached to the sport—an owner, a coach, a couple of competing QBs. Meet the Bayou Billionaires this winter when my good friend Catherine Mann and I kick off our first joint series for Harlequin Desire.

For me, the sports arena recreates the medieval battlefield that I love so much. Athletes are a new breed of warrior, their battles a different kind of fierce. But I admire the heart and soul that go into the competition.

The desire to win fuels alpha males from all walks of life—from the boardroom to the playing field to the battlefield. In the Bayou Billionaires series, Cathy and I get to explore that hunger to win from a variety of perspectives. Her first hero, the owner of our fictional NFL team, is a former athlete who channels his knowledge of the game into strategy that helps him acquire the right weaponry to win. It’s up to Gervais Reynaud to combine the best personnel to get the job done in Catherine Mann’s His Pregnant Princess Bride.

Set in the Big Easy, the Bayou Billionaires books are all available for pre-order… perfect timing for that Amazon gift card you got for Christmas, right? I hope you’ll consider checking them out and seeing what kind of series Cathy and I created. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite athlete heroes—real and fictional!

Bobby Tom Denton- if you haven’t read Heaven, Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips…. go grab it right now.

Cal Bonner- I’ll never forget that Lucky Charms scene in Nobody’s Baby But Mine—also by the phenomenal Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Wade O’Riley – Jill Shalvis can’t write a bad hero and her baseball guys are no different… check out Slow Heat in her Pacific Heat series.

Tyson Reed- I didn’t know how much I’d love MMA until I read Jennifer Snow’s new Beyond the Cage series, and in particular, Tyson’s book- Fighting the Fall. This is a new author to watch!

Harley Handleman- Lori Foster made me a fan with her Buckhorn Brothers and I haven’t stopped reading her since. Check out her SBC Fighters series, especially Hard to Handle.

Luc Martineau – See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson shows a hockey player in all his sexy glory.

Other favorites- Dierdre Martin, Elle Kennedy, Jaci Burton, Tracy Solheim and Kat Latham…. All must-reads for me!

What about you? What books are you looking for with your Christmas gift card? Share with me on the blog today and I’ll give one random poster a BONUS Amazon gift card for $5 so you can snag yourself an extra book!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house
Everyone was exhausted, even the mouse.
The children were playing, and asking for help
The dog was too tired even to yelp.

Okay, I broke down after that. You see, I've been trying hard to think of a good blog for the day after Christmas. I got nothin'. Everything about the holidays is tied to traditions about that particular day or days, or the days leading up to it. No one ever talks about what happens afterward. (With the exception of day after Christmas sales.) I thought I'd list some things people might do, along with my own answers.

Eat leftovers--Yes! I do this! Especially the cookies and pie. I confess, one of the things I love about the season are the goodies.

Clean up from the day before--I try very hard not to do this. 

Look at/play with/assemble your own presents and kids' or grandkids' presents.--I do this too. 

Go to work--Sometimes if I'm on deadline, I'll write, but I prefer to hang out and do nothing useful.

Drive around and look at lights--I like this a lot.

Watch sports--yes

Shop!!! No, I don't do this, but I know a lot of people do and enjoy it.

Play board games--we do this more on Christmas day, but sometimes the day after.

Take down the tree and put up decorations--I usually don't do this until the 27th. The 27th also happens to be my anniversary. Taking down the tree seems like a dumb thing to do on your anniversary, nevertheless, that's what I do. 

Work on New Year's resolutions--Another confession. I hate New Year's resolutions. Every time I've ever tried to make them, I've broken them almost immediately. It's as if my subconscious says, "Who are you kidding? I'm not doing that." I suppose it's the rebel in me.

Read--Now we're getting somewhere. This is one of my favorite things to do. But I don't have to wait until after the holidays to do it.:)

Why yes, that's me. (Not really.)

There's still time to get Last Shot for $1.99 at your favorite digital outlet!

What do you do after the holidays? Have I hit on any of the things you do? What do you enjoy doing and what do you try your best not to do?

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Twitter: @evegaddy

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My New Year’s Writing Resolution by Joanne Walsh

At the last meeting of the writers’ group I belong to, the members were agreed: share our New Year’s writing resolutions and then our progress through the coming year.

I’ve always liked the concept of New Year’s resolutions but I’ve never been very good at keeping them, mostly because I tend to throw myself into new things with huge amounts of enthusiasm and then find I can’t keep up the pace or the interest; either I become distracted, or dispirited because life inevitably gets in the way.   

The resolution I really need to make for 2016 is to write regularly, as I want to complete at least two new novels by year’s end.  I’ve got the ideas, I just have to find the means to keep the passion flowing!

I’ve taken a look at the advice that’s out there about keeping resolutions, and the consensus is that you need to do the following things to succeed: focus on one goal; take small steps; have a mechanism of accountability; celebrate success; work on changing thought and behavior patterns.

So I am resolved to write for 30 minutes a day, every day, with email and every other intrusion shut off.  First thing every morning. I will be accountable to my friends in my writer’s circle, and they will be my fellow celebrants.  I will train my brain to adhere to this routine of application and reward.   Will I stick to this?  Watch this space!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Schwinter! Christmas is.....coming?

      Possibly it's the record-breaking spring-like weather here in southern NJ? Possibly it's the arrival of my second grandbaby - another Brisbin princess named Sydney Grace? Possibly it's the cold that is trouncing me right now? Or some of each of those? Whatever the cause, I have lost the Christmas spirit!

That's alarming to me since Christmas, especially with the family gathered at my house, is my favorite holiday and day of the year.  I look forward to the family getting together to decorate our tree -- each year there are new personalized ornaments to add to the collection. The boys (and their wives/fiancee) take turns putting theirs up on the tree, each vying for the best position to be seen. And, each year, we add a new Disney ornament,

On Christmas morning, they would all come over to open presents and have brunch...well, a late breakfast really of scrambled eggs, sausage gravy over biscuits and hashbrown casserole. Mmmmmm...Sometimes they'd hang around and we'd order Chinese take-out for dinner or even go to a movie.

But this year promises to be very different and I guess I'm not happy. Now with babes of their own, two sons have other arrangements for the morning. We're not going to be able to all be together due to work schedules and extended family plans. Some will be here Christmas Eve, some in the morning, some...whenever.  So all of that might be influencing my feelings and lack of anticipation, I think.

Then, in spite of my best efforts and massive quantities of Airborne, I now have the cold of the year. I thought it was my allergies (hey, those spring-like temps all month have grass and flowers growing already!), but last night it took me down hard. I've gone through 2 boxes of tissues so far and there will be more.....

Of course, I refuse to blame it on my newest princess, Sydney. I've enjoyed every single second of the time I've been able to spend with her since her arrival just before Thanksgiving. She is, of course, the cutest little baby in creation (along with her beautiful cousin Alexis - shown <<

So, with four days left and the arrival of winter today, I'm still searching for my Christmas spirit. But I hope you have yours and that your Christmas will be filled with health, happiness, family and friends!

Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy and Healthy 2016!! 


Terri is looking forward to 2016, once she gets over this mood, with new books and some exciting news to share after the holidays. Visit her website for more info! 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Heather Boyd: Once Isn't Enough

I love books. I love reading. I love collecting too. I have a keeper shelf of print books both old and new that I love to re-read each year. And with Christmas just around the corner, less than a week away, I’m planning a week of getting lost in great stories. I haven’t always had time to read books as soon as I buy them this year due to my own book release commitments, but I intend to get stuck in before the TBR list gets completely of hand.

What makes a book worth a second read for an author? When I look over my list, it’s all about the humor, the intensity of the romance, and that warm but disappointed feeling I have when I read The End. Every book is different, some sexier than others. But if I want more they’re on the keeper shelf.

So what’s new I haven’t got to yet? So very many unfortunately: Natasha Blackthorne, Mistletoe, Marriage, and Mayhem Boxed Set and others.

And what books will I revisit this holiday’s just for the sheer joy of reading about old friends?

Susanne Enoch – This book always makes me smile. Valentine Corbett falling in love is so adorable.
Barbara Monajem – The Christmas Knot (regency Christmas). Perhaps the most fascinating Christmas story I’ve ever read.
Jane Austen – Persuasion. Because I have captain’s on my mind lately.
Alice Clayton – Wallbanger (Contemporary Romance) Laugh out loud dating mayhem with a neighbor.

Have you read any of these? And if you need an extra book for your TBR pile see below for my latest release.

Richard Hill, the Earl of Windermere, might desperately require a wife and heir, but thoughts of duty fly from his mind when he rescues Esme, Lady Heathcote, from the embarrassment of a failed affair. They usually never agree about anything. He’s never even kissed the vexing widow. But when the opportunity arises to whisk her away for a no-strings-attached rendezvous, Richard can’t imagine a better way to spend a moonlit evening.

Esme has never lacked for admirers, but having Lord Windermere’s company goes a long way to ease the pain of losing her suddenly betrothed lover. And when Windermere suggests an affair, Esme is intrigued by the blazing-hot connection even while knowing their relationship has no future beyond his house party.

But as with any temptation, it’s a bargain they’ll soon regret.

Bestselling historical author Heather Boyd believes every character she creates deserves their own happily-ever-after, no matter how much trouble she puts them through. With that goal in mind, she writes steamy regency romance stories that skirt the boundaries of propriety to keep readers enthralled until the wee hours of the morning. Heather has published over twenty novels and shorter works. Catch her latest news She lives north of Sydney, Australia, and does her best to wrangle her testosterone-fuelled family (including cat Morpheus) into submission.

You can find Reason to Wed in digital and print at the following locations:

Barnes and Noble -
All Romance eBooks –
GooglePlay -

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Susan Stephens: It's That Time of Year Again!

It’s that time of year again! A time for wearing silly hats and getting away from work to see what everyone else is getting up to.

I was down at our local supermarket packing shopping with my grandchildren to raise money for new books for their school library. I can’t think of anything better than that! (even if I did have to wear an elf hat, which I completely forgot I was wearing, and proceeded to drive home in! I feel sorry for the other drivers on the road!!!)

So, what do we have coming up in books for 2016?

Here’s one of my absolute favourites... a March 2016 release, which was brainstormed in the heart of the glorious Italian countryside in Tuscany on a writing retreat led by the fabulous Sharon Kendrick, together with two of her star pupils, Ann, and Linda. This book is dedicated to them, and the fun we had getting lost – and, more especially, rescued by gallant Italian men. Talk about inspiration!!!

In the summer I have a sheikh book coming out for Harlequin Modern/Presents. I just love the romance of the desert, and those billowing tents, complete with a mysterious sheikh. I want to curl up and read one right now, so I can imagine the hero riding towards me...

There are also a couple of anthology releases, with some pretty hot covers—see what you think of these...

I just love them. I think the art department has excelled itself, and I hope you enjoy reading the stories too.

It only remains to me to wish you everything good for the holiday season, and all the very best of good health, happiness and success for 2016.

With my warmest thoughts winging your way,
Happy reading!

Your friend and author,

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Self Care Over The Holidays

This is a tough time of year for me. It's almost a running joke in our family except everyone knows I'm so sensitive in December I can't withstand the teasing. It might be the blah weather. This is what it looks like around here right now:

Very monochromatic. It might also be the hype to overspend or the highs and lows on the news. Great stories of hope and generosity lift me up, then incredibly sad ones pull at my heart strings. Every year the winter blues ambushes me right in time for the holidays.

Today I was stressing out as I was leaving the house to run errands and my husband, that stalwart, wonderful man, said, "Skip the gym. You look great. Take one thing off your list."

I stood in the doorway for a good minute, fighting this excellent advice. It's not my nature to skip things things that require discipline. If I skip once, I'm afraid I'll turn into the person who skips three months and pays dues for nothing.

But when I finally took his advice, I felt such a rush of relief! Which is why I am sharing this with you. Maybe you're also going in a dozen directions. If so, please give yourself permission to slow down. Take one thing, just one measly thing, off your list. You'll feel so much better, I promise!

Now, one thing I have managed to learn over time is to delegate to my children. My daughter is actually grown and out of the house, but she's coming home for Christmas and she loves this season.

This is last year's baking and it does brighten up the joint, doesn't it? She'll decorate the tree, too. Just having her here will give me a huge boost. Plus I have my son's high school band concert this week. That will force me to quit overthinking and enjoy the show.

The funny thing is, for years I resisted believing I was 'one of those people' who had trouble with this time of year. My husband mentioned it at least five years ago, saying, "You know, honey, there ARE people who find this time of year stressful."

Not me. I thought it was self-inflicted. I am a high energy person, I set myself a lot of tasks, and I'm very disappointed in myself when I, for instance, skip the gym. So I always think that if I manage things better, I'll be fine.

This year I'm facing it. There is something about this time of year that is hard for me. I plan to self-care in these ways so I thought I'd share and encourage you to try a few of these if you're feeling stressed. I kept it simple on purpose. I'm trying not to overthink.

  1. Eat more veggies!
  2. Try to stay away from the junk food
  3. Lighten up the schedule
  4. Go for walks
  5. Be open to spontaneity 
  6. Unplug!
  7. Enjoy the moment
  8. Get some sun (if it appears!)
  9. Delegate
  10. Rest
I think I forget that this is a time of year when we're supposed to be slowing down and hibernating.  Maybe Number Eleven should be Read a good book. I definitely need to steal an afternoon for that. 

How do you feel this time of year? Does it ever feel overwhelming to you? I would love to hear from anyone who uses a SAD light and whether they've found it helpful. I'm thinking about getting one. 

Take care and Happy New Year!

A USA Today Bestselling author, Dani Collins writes sexy, witty, vibrant romance for Harlequin Presents, Tule's Montana Born and herself. Dani lives in rural Canada with her high school sweetheart and their almost grown son. 

Look for her exciting baby swap duet, The Wrong Heirs, coming from Harlequin Presents: 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas tree of memories by Michelle

This past weekend saw one of my fave parts of Christmas — the annual decorating of the Christmas tree. I save my ornaments and each year add one or two more. I don’t rotate the ornaments but the tree is definitely more tightly packed than it was a quarter century ago. it is a real tree of memories and I wouldn't want it any other way.
My daughter and I chose the tree — short and fat this year instead of tall and narrow. We did it quickly and with the minimum of fuss. According the lady who sold us the tree, she had already had several warring couples in that day, including one who had nearly come to blows. It is important to get the right tree, but it is only a tree, the back drop to the ornaments.
The tree was duly put up and then we discovered a slight h
iccup. I change my lights every three years because a neighbour once suffered a tragic fire from faulty lights. This year was a change year. My daughter wanted tasteful Victorian lanterns. I went for the chilli pepper lights. I think they were really for a kitchen but I liked them. My husband agreed with me (so much that I am supposed to get another strand for the kitchen!) My husband always grows tons of chillis so the lights were appropriate. The red colour also looks great on the tree. However the lights are in a continuous loop. This made putting them on to the tree slightly tricky.
Once the lights were up, it was time to put the ornaments on. I was relieved to see that the ornaments had survived. No mice attacks or water damage or dropped baubles.  The oldest ornament is probably a choir boy covered in feathers that dates from when I was a little girl. This year because my mother was over, I was able to show off the ornaments and we had a remanence about Christmases past.  I also unwrapped the china mice which date from my first tree of married life. There is a Harry Potter owl from when HP dominated the children’s conversation and the spray painted walnuts from our first year at the current house. My sister sent her customary new ornament – this time a wooden mushroom. I reckon it makes 27 ornaments from her. She apparently spends a long time trying to find the right ornament. However, she always says she doesn't want another ornament as her tree is too full. This year, though, I have sent her a sheep. After all in my world, you can always find somewhere.

My Christmas tree might not be perfect, or expertly decorated but it is decorated with love and full of good memories. It is all I can ask for.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Michelle Styles writes warm, witty and intimate historical romance in a wide range of time periods. Her most recent  Summer of the Viking was published in June 2015. You can learn more about Michelle and her books on 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christina Hollis: Favourite Books From Childhood...
My New Release
Holidays are a time for families, memories, and curling up in the warm with a book. Ever since I was a child I’ve considered hard, book-shaped presents to be the best things to find under the tree.

My parents lost their home a few months before I was born, and had to move back in with my mum’s parents. My grandparents were elderly, and strict Methodists. You can read more about my early Christmases in an English country house here

Neighbours were few and far between, and most were extremely old single ladies or widows, who had lost their partners in the First World War. Our nearest neighbours were Plymouth Brethren, so while I always had to be very quiet, for the whole of Advent I had to be absolutely silent

Oh no—It's The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner again!
Books came to my rescue. My grandfather was a voracious reader, and knew a lot of poetry off by heart. When I was tiny, he used to sit in the playpen with me and read aloud (with housework and maintenance a continuous process in our house, it was the safest place for him). What he enjoyed wasn’t always suitable material for a child, even as I got older: Rider Haggard's She was one thing, but after some particularly vivid nightmares, The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner went onto the banned list—

“...slimy things did crawl with legs 
Upon the slimy sea.”

Once Grampy had taught me to read, I could escape to the public library. That’s why I’m so keen to see them safeguarded against the current rounds of spending cuts. Not everyone can afford to surf the net and read books on line. It’s vital to have somewhere information and real books are available to all.  

In the days before they became internet cafes and local hubs, public libraries had a strict rule of silence. That suited me: life at home was so quiet, I found ordinary, everyday activities outside the enclave painfully noisy. At first Enid Blyton was top of my reading list, as I had my own much-loved copy of her Nature Lover’s Book at home. Then I worked my way through the entire children’s section. Does anyone here remember BB’s Little Grey Men

At this time of year A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was a fireside favourite, but while John Masefield’s The Box Of Delights wasn't on the same scream-scale as The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, I found it far scarier than Dickens, and therefore (of course!) much more enjoyable.

My father read everything by H. E. Bates and Henry Williamson he could get his hands on. As I grew, he passed the books on to me. I still love the Larkins, and Tarka the Otter, but it’s taken me until this year to see otters in the wild. On several occasions they've come to fish in broad daylight in the river Wye, which runs through our village.
" then I knocked that Deadlock right out of the water..."

I devoured the whole Flambards series by K.M Peyton over the course of a week. There was also a book which meant a lot to me once, in which an unhappy girl found refuge in a yew tree. That story really spoke to me back then, but sadly I can’t recall much about it now. She was told each one of the multiple trunks of the tree held a different message, and one was “my arms protect you”, I think. Do you have any idea what book that could have been? I’d love to be reminded!

Wishing you all a happy holiday season, and remember: give a child sweets at Christmas and you feed their sugar habit for an hour. Give them a book, and you feed their imagination forever.

When she isn't cooking, gardening or beekeeping, Christina Hollis writes contemporary fiction starring complex men and independent women.  Her books have been translated into more than a dozen languages, and she’s sold nearly three million books worldwide. Her latest book, Heart Of A Hostage, was released on 4th December. You can catch up with Christina at http://www.christinahollis.blogspot.comand see a full list of her published books on her website.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cooks and Books—Making Christmas Candy w/ author, Holly Jacobs

I have a few things I talk about a lot on social media...books, cooking, gardening, and let's not forget glee!

Someone told me that I have way too much fun with life...I think there's a chance they're right.  LOL  We've made hard candy for the holidays for year.  It's absurdly simple, but a bit intimidating.  So I made a video.  I'm not sure what Julia Child would say, but I think this spells out the recipe.

I hope it helps while you're prepping for the holidays!

Wishing you a beautiful one that's filled with family, friends, good books...and a lot of glee!  Oh, and candy.  Wishing you some candy, too! 


PS My HollyDay read, Christmas in Cupid Falls, is on sale today!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The delight of giving unexpectedly - With Kate Walker

Happy December!

 It is for me now.  But there was a point when it didn’t look as if it was going to be. Two weeks ago, at almost exactly this time, I was suddenly and ridiculously dramatically taken ill.  I started to day fine – started to feel a bit ‘off’, the found I was shivering and shaking and  feeling dreadful. Long story short - it turns out I had septicaemia with a very high temperature from some nasty infection and I was taken into hospital in a rush and given IV antibiotics for days until the blighter gave in and left - hopefully for ever,

I was lucky enough to have  little bit of brain still working before I left the house so I managed to grab the absolute essentials  - clean pyjamas – and my Kindle.  So at least I had something to wear and something (OK – a lot)  to read.  Both proved very useful  as I was attached to a drip and had to stay put for far too long.

But I was the lucky one. In the ward, as I started to feel a lot better, there were other women all brought into the hospital in something of a rush and most of them had just the barest essentials  - some not even that.   More than one of my fellow patients were feeling totally bored and upset with nothing to distract therm.

This was one of the occasions when I really felt there’s an extra-special  little bonus that comes from being a writer. When my husband came to visit on the first day I asked him to bring me a bundle of my backlist books  - and titles – any dates – and leave them with me, For the rest of the week+ I was in the hospital, I had these books available for anyone who wanted therm.  If someone was bored – would she like something to read?  If someone was feeling really low – perhaps a romance might distract her?  In the end even the nurses and one of the female doctors spotted the pile of books on my table  and  asked about them – then took away one of them for their day off or  to relax when they got home.

I really felt like Santa as I watched  people open their books and settle down to relax with them. At one point I was sitting in the middle of the ward with my kindle while everyone else in my bay (7 other women) with their nose buried in a copy of one of my books. I’ve never actually sat and watched so many  people read my stories   all at one time. It was so great to see their enjoyment.
This really brought home to me something about giving at Christmas. I have gifts for my family and friends – well, just two more names on the list and I’m done – but there was something very special about being able to give to someone who wasn’t expecting it and who I wouldn’t have known about if we hadn’t ended up together so unexpectedly.   So that’s when I decided that today I was going to  do a small giveaway – with a difference. 

This is really a continuation of the post I wrote on  November 12th – the one I never got round to answering  after I wrote it last year.  Then I offered a copy of my book as a stocking stuffer – and  life dumped on me so hard that I never got back to declare the winner of that.
So  Barbara T  - can you contact me  through my web site – kate at and I’ll send you a copy of one of my backlist books for your cousin
And for today’s giveaway – is there someone you feel needs a little boost, like those ladies in the hospital? Someone who perhaps needs their day brightening a little – or some chance to sit back and relax for a while? Tell me who you’d like to make a gift to and why and I’ll put your name in the draw and you might win a copy of A Question of Honour for her.  A Question of Honour is the first part of the Rhastaan Royals  duo.  My current book , Destined for The Desert King  out now, is Part Two of that set.

And this time I’ll try not to disappear into hospital before Charlie the Maine  Coon has picked the name of the winner!

Out Now:  Destined for The Desert King
A queen of convenience? 

There's no doubt that their marriage is one of convenience and political maneuvering. But shy beauty Az
iza El Afarim secretly hopes that her husband—the boy she once idolized—remembers something of the closeness they shared as children.

Except Sheikh Nabil Al Sharifa is far from the boy he used to be. The weight of loss and power has changed him beyond recognition. Where once there was warmth and generosity, now only a ruthless passion burns. He'll give Aziza everything…except his love.

But as pressure to produce an heir mounts, could there be more than duty in the marriage bed?

Then there's the  12 Point Guide to Writing Romance, the newest edition of which is available on Kindle or a revised and updated paperback edition now available on and

Kate Walker's web site is here   and the up-to-date news can be found on her blog or her Facebook page.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Carole Mortimer: Rogue Alpha

Rogue Alpha, the 7th story in my #1 Bestselling ALPHA Series, is now available, and to celebrate I am giving away FREE Christmas Alpha, the introductory novella to the series. Christmas Alpha is now also a year old, so that’s two reasons to celebrate! (see links below)

Rogue Alpha (Alpha 7) is a fast-moving story, which start off in the jungles of Colombia, moves to the dark streets of London, and then the shadows of Paris. 

Diana is convinced someone broke into her Paris apartment. Just as she believes someone is now following her. The police don’t believe her, and the only person she can turn to for help is Seth Armstrong. Seth works for Grayson Security, and was the man who rescued her eight months ago, after she was kidnapped off the streets of Colombia, and a ransom demanded for her safe return.

Seth has absolutely no idea who the beautiful redhead is when she accosts him in a London bar one evening, demanding he kiss her and look as if he’s enjoying it. He’s happy to oblige, of course. Only to discover he enjoys kissing her a little too much.

Because Diana Moore isn’t what she seems. In fact, Seth’s not sure she isn’t suffering from some sort of emotional breakdown after what happened to her eight months ago.

Whatever Diana’s problem is, Seth can’t just abandon her when she asks for his help. Can he?
The stories in the Alpha series are steaming hot and the language sometimes explicit.

Also, Savage Alpha (Alpha 8), is now available for Pre-Order. You are going to love the hero, Jonas Grayfeather and his strong and wilful heroine, Lily Knight.

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Carole Mortimer has written over 200 books in the contemporary and Regency genres.
Carole is Recipient of the 2015 Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award, a USA Today Bestselling Author, Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance Author, 2014 Romantic Times Pioneer or Romance, and in 2012 was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II for her ‘outstanding service to literature’.
She is very happily married to Peter, they have 6 sons, and live on the beautiful Isle of Man.