Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My New Favorite Book by Megan Crane

I had great plans for this blog. I thought I might discuss my New Year's Resolutions (get in shape, eat more vegetables, all very routine), my inability to cope with the forty degree weather here in southern California (because forty degrees here is like the frigid tundra), or, if uninspired by any of the above, throw up some more Gerard Butler pictures-- always a crowd pleaser.

But instead, I have to tell you about the book I just read.

The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne.

I believe I read about it on Dear Author, was intrigued, and bought it.

I wasn't expecting to be sucked so completely into another world that even now, two days after I've finished it, I am still mooning about the house feeling out of sorts because the story is over.

I'm not going to tell you about the intricate and fascinating story, or the marvelous characters, or the amazing use of language, because that's all been covered in other places.

I will tell you that this book did what we always dream a book is going to do when we read that first page. It seduced me. It took me over. I stayed up late and felt bereft when I read the last page. I want more. I want to disappear through the pages and be a part of the sparkling, mesmerizing world that Joanna Bourne created. I want to do something about the fact that there are now these people in my head, and my heart, who I care about so deeply I have talked about very little else for the past few days. I feel as if this story is now a part of me, and I can't think of higher praise than that.

It's such a good book, is what I'm saying, that I think you should all rush right out and buy it right now, so you can experience this same post-book bittersweet high.

Thank goodness there's another book from this author to pre-order!


Wolfy said...

It is great and not very often when a book gets you entralled like that. And what a compliment to the Author that you would feel this way. Thanks for sharing with us.

Megan Crane said...

The author deserves any and all compliments-- the book is phenomenal!

I hope everyone checks it out!

Michele L. said...

Oh wow! The book sounds awesome! I will definitely have to buy this one! Thank you for sharing with us this talented author.

I know what you mean about getting sucked into a story like that. When I read Shana Abe's book, THE SMOKE THIEF, I was mesmerized! I loved every aspect of the story! It transports you to another time and place. Yes, I felt like you when I finished the book, so bereft, because you felt so deeply for the characters. Lucky for me there was a next book waiting called THE DREAM THIEF.

Michele L.

Megan Crane said...

Oh, I've certainly heard of Shana Abe, but never read her. I'll have to check THE SMOKE THIEF out!

Amy said...

yikes, with a review like that, how could I not buy it immediately?

Nathalie said...

I had never heard of her... I will need to find out more!

Lily said...

Wow... I had not heard of it... thanks!