Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year, New Start! - Christina Hollis

As part of my ‘day job’, I joined in a local radio programme this week. My work as a Harlequin ‘Presents’ author was mentioned in passing. As a result, people have been coming up to me and saying: ‘I wish I could write a book…’

Well, here’s the good news – they can. And so can you! It’s a lot easier than trying to lose weight after all that yummy holiday food, believe me. Tell yourself 2008 is the year you’re going to get it all down on paper. Writing is a wonderful pastime. It’s helped me in lots of ways. Pouring out your thoughts can be an amazingly freeing experience. Many years ago, I had problems beyond the dreams of analysts, or so I thought. I piled them onto one of my troubled heroines. Reading through and refining her life a hundred times gave me a new insight into my own, real world. From that moment, things began to look up for me. They got even better when that heroine’s troubles won me a short story prize! From then, I was on the road to recovery, thanks to the healing power of words.

In my latest book, One Night In His Bed, the hero Garett tells Sienna:

‘You can have everything you want. Just reach out. There are no limits…’

Writing fiction is a perfect example of this. Go for it! Half the battle is defining your goal. Get an exact picture in your mind of the book you want to write. The best books touch their readers’ hearts, and totally engage them. To involve your audience, write from your heart. It’s always easier to work with themes and characters that inspire and interest you. That’s why I write about irresistible men and exotic settings. Some days the rain never stops, life pulls me in too many directions at once and all I want to do is hibernate. Then the thought of a strapping guy on a sun-drenched beach really gets me motivated!

If you want even more encouragement to start a writing project, pop over to They’re holding an Instant Seduction First Chapter and Synopsis competition.

Can I persuade you to start that novel right now? Go on – give it a try. You’ll amaze yourself. Let me know how you get on!



Wolfy said...

Hi Christina

What you have said hits a spot, but even though I can write reviews, draft a letter, I really don't think I have the talent to write. My big downfall would not be the plot, but the dialogue and things you need to flesh out a story. I know I have had people close to me say I should try to write something, but as yet I have not tackled it. But you have given me food for thought.

Christina Hollis said...

Sketching out your characters in minute detail before you start helps a lot with dialogue, cryna. Gradually, you'll find yourself thinking 'I know exactly what my hero would say if faced with that!' Reading dialogue back to yourself always throws up new ideas. If it's possible to join a writing class or group, batting ideas back and forth with other members is another great way to improve. Best of luck with your next project!

Nathalie said...

I would not have the courage to start writing... it really takes dedication!

Lily said...

I usually buy books from authors I know... and sometimes do a jump, and try something new, your first book was one of them :)

stephanie said...


I'd love to write and have often been encouraged by friends and work collegues to write. I write poetry too and often wake up at night thinking of plots to use and characters to write about.I'm a romantic at heart but one thing keeps me back and taht's the setting of the plot.Every writer seems to know the place she describes so well.I haven't travelled alot and I wondered if I could at least give it a try. What do you think?

stephanie said...

I've always dreamt of writing,ever since I was a kid.I have a very vivid immagination and I often wake up at night to write poetry .I've been encouraged by friends and work collegues to write a novel but still I keep back.I haven't travelled alot and I would like my setting to be in a different place.I ve so may ideas but I don't know where to start.