Friday, January 18, 2008

2008 - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Michelle Monkou

The Christmas holidays really made me nostalgic. It was the first time in years that so many members of the family were together celebrating the traditions. Family came from New Zealand and England. My brood traveled from Maryland. And we all met in Atlanta. Imagine a house filled with ten boisterous, opinionated, lovable people. We celebrated the accomplishments of 2007 and shared our goals for 2008.

Of course, writing romances is at the top of my list. A list that is never written, so that I can easily delete or file in the back of mind. Since 2002 when I published my first romance, I have written stories featuring African American characters. No political statement intended. The publishing world has finally provided a platform that allows expression of race, gender, religion, and even sexual themes.

This year, I'm spreading my wings. Proposals will be delivered with characters who may not reflect me. And that's okay. I think readers are sophisticated enough to judge a story on its merits. The time of baby steps is over.

My new philosophy gained strength when I received an email from my editor on December 31 that she was no longer with the company. The unknown is scary. A new editor is cause for concern. The what if's start to creep in.

Yet I didn't get this far by sheer luck. And there were no guarantees in the small print of my contracts promising security and a calm world. After all, nothing in life is without risk.

Stay tuned, as I navigate 2008. I never want to be on the side of the road wishing that I'd followed an idea into fruition.

Happy New Year!!

Michelle Monkou

No One But You - April 2008


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Good for you Michelle, and I love your book cover. My holidays were similiar with both my sons, my sister, niece, aunt and cousins in one house...woo...

bless you in all your endeavors!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

The new book cover is gorgeous! Your right, nothing is promised in this publishing journey. But we can't let the "what ifs" take over and stop us from moving forward. Here's to 2008, lots of great experiences and many new contracts! :-)


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I love the new cover and I cannot wait to read it!!

Estella said...

Good luck in all your evdeavors!
Love the book cover.

Wolfy said...

Michelle - I love your book cover. And hope that your 2008 endeavours work out well for you. I think it is great that you are going to "spread your wings".

Shelia said...

Michelle, life is always changing and I like the positive attitude that you have. Here's to a change in 2008 - upward bound.

Michelle Monkou said...

Thanks everyone for you good wishes and positive energy.

I've had three editors in five years. I shouldn't be surprised.


Maureen said...

Best of luck to you Michelle!

PatriciaW said...

The book cover is beautiful, and fits the title so well. Publishing is a journey. We're just all at different points along the road. Continue to venture forward, to try new things, and to grow your talents.

Prayers for success in 2008 and beyond.

Lily said...

Having a christmas reunion like the one you just had, that must be great! I also wish I had had one!

Nathalie said...

I also like the book cover... the dress is just such a nice touch :)