Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Big Happenings! by Susan Sands

 I'm happy to announce I've signed with Harpeth Road to write a new book! Harpeth Road is a new

romantic imprint started by bestselling author, Jenny Hale. So far, I'm completely impressed by the detail and care HR is taking in building my author brand. No detail is too small it seems. To that end, I'm finally collecting emails from readers and will send out my very first newsletter soon!

The book I've signed on the write for Harpeth Road is a low country romantic women's fiction set in coastal South Carolina. It's actually based on real place called Fripp Island, where I've vacationed for years with my family. We have friends who live on the island and this story has its origins with that family. I can't wait to share more as things progress!

I've decided a newsletter should be fun and not spammy, so I'm planning to include some interactive items and always a yummy recipe or two. I've just finished making a newsletter crossword puzzle! Fun and games! I do hope you will sign up at!

I'm busy finishing up my second Louisiana novel for Tule Publishing and it's a real edge-of-your-seat mystery. My hero and heroine are having a hard time finding a moment to fall in love. But they will. You know they will. I can't wait for you to visit Cypress Bayou, Louisiana!

I hope the weather is nice where you are and that everyone is safe and healthy!

Take care!