Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Snow!!!!

Ten inches of snow fell on my part of Connecticut last week. More is expected. Guess what? I missed it. My husband and I rented a beautiful house on the Gufl coast of Florida. The beaches are gorgeous. We have our own pool. There's an amazing amount of wildlife--herons, storks, eagles, raccoons, and we're hoping for a glimpse of an elusive panther others here have spotted.

The best part of this is that I'm currently writing a book called The Sheikh's Rebellious Mistress, the final novel in my next trilogy, The Sheikh Tycoons. The book is set on a tropical island, and this beautiful tropical setting is the perfect inspiration.
I've posted more photos at my blog. I'd love to have you stop by, if you have the chance.
Sandra Marton


Wolfy said...

I looked at your pictures on your blog, and thought what a wonderful setting. And how appropriate for your book. Then I donned my coat and mitts and went out and shovelled the "Snow" that you are not getting.........LOL. We had snow all during the night here in Alberta, so had to clean up the walks. I am so jealous of you....LOL

Maureen said...

It is getting cold here, very cold and it would be wonderful to be somwhere warm right now. Enjoy!

Lily said...

A new series... I am now going to your blog :)

Nathalie said...

We have plenty of snow here in Canada!