Friday, April 02, 2021

First Time Flying Since COVID! by Susan Sands

I've been on a two-week trip, first to Monterey, CA, and surrounding areas, and now I'm here in Draper, Utah (Salt Lake area). I fly home to Atlanta tomorrow. Like nearly everyone else, I haven't gone anywhere much this past year besides the grocery store and the tennis court. 

Several friends have asked how it's been. The flying, the moving about, and whether there are people out and about. I have to say that things have been more open than I believed. American Airlines was at full capacity, which meant there were no seats blocked off. The flight was full. The Atlanta airport was hopping, as was the Phoenix airport, where I made my connection. Everyone wore masks throughout the airport and on the flight unless eating and drinking. All expected. My second flight was from San Francisco to Salt Lake on Delta. Delta is still blocking middle-row seats unless you fly with a companion until the end of April, which was nice. But the San Francisco airport was pretty deserted.

In Monterey, the pier was open and pretty crowded. Hiking trails were open and we dined indoors several times as it was unseasonably cold and windy. We drove down the coast to Pebble Beach and Big Sur, and both were less crowded than normal, according to my friend.

Here in Utah, people are out, wearing masks, and eating indoors.

So, not so different from where I live in Georgia. Certainly, not as different as I thought it would be. I haven't watched the news since I left home two weeks ago, so I have no idea what's happening in the world. Here's hoping it's still turning. 

I wish everyone the very best!

Susan Sands