Monday, September 04, 2017

Nicole Locke- Celebrations & Giveaways Continue!

In August, I celebrated my mum's birthday and the release of The Knight's Scarred Maiden. I'd like to say thanks to everyone for sharing your celebrations! It was great fun reading them. I've sent a mail to the winner, and hope to post Rhain and Helissent's story to you soon!

As for the continuing celebrations?

Well, as much as I love writing romances, I think I may love chatting with other romance readers even more. The recent Blog Tour kept me up many a night comparing what's in our closets, what's our favourite snack, and who our favourite heroes and heroines are.

Later this month, there will be even more chatting romance when I, and my fellow Harlequin Historical author, Virginia Heath, attend the Historical Romance Retreat (hope to see you there!).

Now while Virginia is making her own outfits for the festivities,, I can barely sew on a button.

This has left me in a pickle. Because many of you know, I don't like to shop. I really don't. We've been in this house since December, and as of three days ago, I finally bought...a chair. My living room consists of a rug, and that's what we sit on.

Buying dresses, shoes, hats? I'm hopeless. How am I supposed to know what fits, or what looks good. And the attention to detail needed for period dresses is off the charts. I've been busy making purchases, but I'm returning just as much.

I still can't find a pair of silver shoes to fit my feet or match the dress. None. If anyone has any ideas where I can find a 1930's-ish closed round toe with ankle strap or T-bar, please let me know! I need these for the Grand Ball. Without them, I'll be like Cinderella after midnight, and with no shoes.

So does that leave me in a complete crisis? No. I'm celebrating because I get to chat with more romance readers and no doubt the conversations will be about all my favourite things like food, drink and our favourite heroes and heroines.

And I'd like to keep celebrating here, too. Since this is my fifth book with Harlequin, I want to give five books away. One of each from the Lovers and Legends series: The Knight's Broken Promise, Her Enemy Highlander, The Highland Laird's Bride, In Debt to the Enemy Lord, and The Knight's Scarred Maiden.

Just share your favourite romance novels or heroes and heroines in the comments (with a way to reach you --you can contact me at, too). I'll drop your names in a bowl for my daughter to grab, and notify you (privately) by October 4th!  

-- Nicole


dstoutholcomb said...

For a classic, I love Darcy and Lizzy; for a more recent historical romance, I've always loved Bourne and Penelope in A ROGUE by ANY OTHER NAME.

Congratulations on your 5th book with Harlequin.

As for shoes, I'd look on DSW online or maybe amazon or, too.

if only these were in silver:

I kept seeing several pairs of the "perfect shoe," of course they were in girls' sizes.


Chrisbails said...

Favorite romance is paranormal or historical or contemporary. Love anything by Kristen Ashley, Kay Martin, Lyndsay Sands, Jeanine Frost, and Sabrina Jeffries.
Christinebails at yahoo dot com

Nicole Locke said...

Thanks Denise! Those shoes are exactly what I'm looking for, but need silver! (Except I'm getting that pair in red because I just can't resist)...(and probably that first pair as well). All summer I kept going to shoe stores and would wander down an aisle exclaiming 'These are perfect!' before I realised I was in the children's section...sigh. :-)

Nicole Locke said...

Hello Christine! I love reading every one of those authors, except I haven't read Kristen Ashley. Which book should I start with?

Di said...

I love all kinds of romances - historical, contemporary, suspense ... as long as there is a happy ending. Favorite authors are Catherine Coulter (started with her historicals & now her FBI suspense), Julie Garwood (loved her medievals), Nora Roberts, Karen Rannery, Lynn Kurland ...
sallans d at yahoo dot com

Nicole Locke said...

Hello Di!

On my shelf I have all of Lynn Kurland's novels! My favourites of Nora Roberts are still her Trilogy: Born in Fire, Ice, Shame. I've read tons of Garwood, but I don't know if I've read Rannery. I love recommendations!

Mary Preston said...

The gown pictured is stunning.

I have to go with a great favorite of mine. Col. Brandon from SENSE AND SENSIBILITY has always appealed.


Nicole Locke said...

Hello Mary!

Col. Brandon is my favourite, too! Of course, Alan Rickman playing the part didn't hurt any.... :-)

Karen M said...

The gown is beautiful! I enjoy reading historical and paranormal romance. I am currently listening to Highland Betrayal by Anna Markland on Audible. It is a great story and the narrator is very good.

Nicole Locke said...

Hello Karen!
I love audiobooks! They save the day when you're in the car and stuck in traffic. That's for the tip for the book. It's on my list now!

dstoutholcomb said...

glad I could be helpful :)