Saturday, September 23, 2017

Favorite Movie Couples

I am a sucker for a great movie couple – Joan Wilder and Jack T. Colton (Romancing the Stone), Vivien and Edward (Pretty Woman), and Jack and Rose (Titanic) are all on my list. I like couples that banter, couples that laugh together, couples that are hot for each other…even if they’d lost a little of that sparkle. Here are a few of my favorite movie couples.

Phil & Claire (Date Night). First, I have to say that I adore Steve Carell and Tina Fey, I have yet to find a movie starring either of them that I don’t love. Putting them together, and as a married couple, no less? That was the icing on this movie lover’s cake! Phil & Claire have lost the spark in their marriage, and it takes their friends’ impending divorce to make them see it. The problem is that their romantic date night in the city has gone haywire because they’ve been mistaken for a couple on the run from mobsters. It’s delicious watching the two of them working together to save themselves, to see those little moments of jealousy, and when they finally save the day (and their marriage) you just have to cheer!

Tess & Finn (Fool’s Gold). Another couple on the rocks! There seems to be a theme to my list!! I adore a good treasure hunt movie, and I adore the chemistry between Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughy. Tess & Finn haven’t lost the spark in their relationship – they’re still hot for one another. The problem is that Tess has a vision of her life that isn’t lining up with Finn’s; things aren’t lining up because she’s so focused on what she wanted for her life pre-Finn that she can’t wrap her mind around what she wants once he’s in her life. Throw in a mean rapper, a cricket bat, and a lot of banter? And they not only find their way back to one another, but they both realize what they really want in their lives.

Margaret & Andrew (The Proposal). Finally, a movie that isn’t about breaking up – it’s about faking it! This is one of my favorite tropes in all of romanceland – a couple of people faking a relationship and falling for one another is such a sweet journey. . .and when you add in the angst of Sandra Bullock’s Margaret and the obliviousness of Ryan Reynolds’ Andrew? It’s even sweeter!

Those are my top three – tell me, who are your favorite movie couples?

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dstoutholcomb said...

I'll list a few romcoms: The Holiday, You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle (seriously, the Tom and Meg), When Harry Met Sally, Love Actually (most of the couples), etc...