Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Rehabilitative Quality Of A Good Book

As a writer, some days I don't feel like writing. Now there are those normal, run-of-the-mill, short-term moments when the feeling lasts a day or two, but then I rebound and sit in front of the laptop and write.

On the other hand, there are the longer episodes when my brain isn't cooperating with the creative side to produce anything. It's not author's block, but more about feeling motivated. And authors who may suffer similar feelings completely get what I mean. There's no shortcut or easy solution, either. Everyone has to find her unique way to climb out of that hole.

Sometimes I fight through and use sheer determination to get to that necessary point. Lately, however, I've opted to give myself the space and time to figure it out. I'm not under deadlines so I can afford to slow down and take a breather.

And the best breather I know is to pick up a book and read.
Claire Norton at book club 

I'm a big reader. And this isn't about only reading when I feel blah about my writing. This sharing moment is about holding steady until achieving the creative balance. It's about taking a deep dive into book land and gorging on books. I tend to surround myself with books from most genres. And I especially make sure to include authors from various countries to enjoy the unique styles and flavors that come through due to the author's culture.

Now, filling my reservoir on books isn't about copying a particular author or copying a particular style. The joy in reading is about re-discovering the magical quality where a story sucks me right in and doesn't release me until well after the book is done. Allowing the imagination to roam and explore is a necessity like breathing. And I can only get that special rehabilitative quality through reading books.

So while I go through the process to get back in the saddle and write, I will enjoy every beautiful word, story, book that is in my e-reader TBR pile. As a dutiful reader, I will also leave reviews in Goodreads and on particular e-reader platforms.

I hope you have a book ready at your fingertips that will give you joy.

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dstoutholcomb said...

I love how reading can give us the escape to clear our minds.