Thursday, September 07, 2017

Goodbye summer...

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It’s not often that I say I’ll be glad to see the back of summer, but this one has been so stressful that I’m looking forward to a change of seasons, a change of pace and hoping the chill will cut down all the bad vibes that seem to have made this year such a stressful one both personally and internationally.

Special thoughts for everyone affected by floods in Texas and Louisiana.

I’ve had to put the book I’m writing on hold while family concerns come first but I have finally managed to launch one of the books for which I reclaimed the rights from Harlequin a while back. It’s been re-edited, freshened up, given a little bit of an update and a fabulous new cover and at the moment it’s available for a re-launch price of just 99c (99p if you’re in the UK, or 99c anywhere if you use the Smashwords link - download to any device).

Trouble in Paradise was originally published by Harlequin Mills and Boon - for marketing reasons that had nothing to do with the story - under the title All She Wants for Christmas.

It has now been given a facelift and it's original title, so grab it now at the special launch price of 99c (US), 99p (UK).  Actually if you use the Smashwords link (they cater for all ebook platforms) you'll only pay 99c wherever you are!

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Hugo Griffin thinks Maddy Osborne is a spoiled little rich girl. She thinks he's a gigolo who is after her vulnerable godmother's fortune.

Stranded alone together on Paradise Island, forced to work together to survive, they have all the time in the world to discover that first impressions can be misleading...

Taste test here.

Here are the links -

Amazon US
Amazon Australia

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