Thursday, September 14, 2017

Christina Hollis—Beginnings and Endings

Goodbye, summer...
September and the beginning of the new school term is always bittersweet. The peace after a summer of comings and goings is tinged with sadness at another milestone passed in the children's lives, and our own. 

This year is more poignant than most, as our son enters his last year at secondary school. It'll be final exams for him in summer 2018. A few weeks after that he'll be off into the big wide world. This is the last time I'll be doing the school run beneath dancing flocks of gathering swallows and house martins. This time next year, he'll be getting ready to fly the nest himself. 

In the meantime he's fine-tuning his skills in the kitchen, learning how to budget, and sitting at the top of the best local driving instructor's waiting list. I'm trying to step back, but it's difficult. He's got numerous health problems, but you can't keep them wrapped in cotton wool all their lives, can you? Not that it stops me worrying. 

Maybe leaving home will be the making of him. Maybe. You hear such worrying things about Generation I—the ones who live life at one remove, behind screens or via their telephones. How they're in danger of becoming Special Snowflakes because they lack the social skills we all learned in the days BC—Before Computer.  They're not so well-equipped to deal with the rough and tumble of daily working life, it seems.

...hello, autumn...
I'll look on the bright side. I worried about DD when she went off to university. Now she's back home and has a new career as an archaeologist. We could be toasting Son Number One's similar success in a few years' time, with wine made from our new grapevines!

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dstoutholcomb said...

I just sent my middle son to college (large university 14 hours away), so I know how fast that final year can go before they're off in the big world. My oldest is a senior in college (small university 2 hours away) and is looking at grad school for a doctorate program. We still have one in middle school. Not sure what the equivalent is in the UK.

Enjoy this time!


Christina Hollis said...

I've often wondered how the UK and US education systems compare. My children started primary school during the summer term following their fourth birthdays. They stayed at the same school until age eleven, when they went to secondary school. At age 18. it's university—and then real life! Thanks for commenting, Denise.