Monday, December 26, 2016

Eve Gaddy: Pinterest Fun

Since it’s the day after Christmas I thought I’d talk about fun things. Pinterest is ridiculously addicting. I use it for my books and I use it because I like to pin all kinds of things. I try not to go there unless I’m looking for something specific for a book. Even then, I start looking and the next thing I know, it’s three hours later and I haven’t yet looked at whatever I went to Pinterest for in the first place.

Case in point, I went to Pinterest to see what kind of boards I have so I could write this blog. And there was a picture of Karl Urban on my home page. Of course, I had to pin it because, well, Karl Urban. I’m following a Karl Urban board that has 1.5K pictures of Karl Urban. No, I haven’t looked at all of them. Yet.

I have a board for each book. I usually keep it secret until the book is close to being finished. Besides hero and heroine inspiration, I pin their clothes, houses, and usually something to do with their work. Anything I might find useful for that book. Horses, dogs, ranches, barns, offices all have a place on my book boards. For one of my Whiskey River boards I pinned a pool table that is in the Kelly Brothers ranch house. This one gets re-pinned a lot. It really helps me to describe something if I have a picture to look at. Before Pinterest I cut them out of magazines, but Pinterest is easier and there’s so much to look at. 

I have boards named Cool Things, Cool Places, Funny stuff, Lions and Tigers and Dogs and . . . , Space, and Skies. And an Inspiration board--Did I mention Karl Urban? Aka Nick from Last Shot. And Joe Manganiello, who is definitely hero material. He’s inspiration for a future book with a hero named Gabe.

Karl Urban (Nick)

Joe Manganiello (Gabe)
Here’s, Dylan, the hero for my current book. 

And here’s his horse named Trouble.

Some pictures I pick because they’re so pretty. Like these

However, the pin of mine that’s been re-pinned the most often is this one. It’s from Katherine Garbera’s and my Whiskey River Texas Heirs board--

How about you? Do you use Pinterest? If you do, what kinds of things do you like to pin?

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Happy Holidays!


dstoutholcomb said...

I'm a pinner. Is that what we call ourselves?

I pin books, quotes, writing motivation, holidays, reviews I do for a blog, and I create a board for each of my writing projects. Plus a bunch of other things.


Eileen A-W said...

I'm still a newbie but we used pinterst to share wedding ideas - dresses, flowers, decor, hair styles, etc. I've got pages for recipes and sewing stuff and maybe some book stuff too.

Eve Gaddy said...

That reminds me, I need to go look for horse farms. It's for a book! Honest.:)

Liz Fielding said...

I love using Pinterest for the wip, Eve, but my favourite board is for Art Deco fashion, jewellery and architecture. And the joy is that whenever I log on to Pinterest they have something new and pretty for me to click on. :)