Monday, December 12, 2016

12 Days of Christmas . . . er - Not Quite

I really think that this post should be titled  the 12 Days of Christmas -  EEEEK! 

Are there really  only 12 Days left  before Christmas -  Really???

This is a  bit of a problem for me because I had plans for the 12 Days Of Christmas. I’ve always loved the countdown to Christmas – and for me a special part of that countdown has been the traditional Advent Calendar.   Every year I’m lucky enough to be given  a beautiful eAdvent Calendar by Anne McAllister  - and I’ve shared that with many friends.  I love opening each ‘door’ on the calendar and seeing what lovely decoration of game is behind it.

All the years that my son was growing up we had an Advent Calendar and every night before he went to bed we would  open a door on the calendar so that he knew it was one day nearer to Christmas  - and when the last door was open  there was just one sleep before Santa Claus appeared.

Now, we don’t have any small people at home  to enjoy an Advent Calendar  but we do have  cats! 

Yes, that’s right – cats. And yes, it’s true, the cats have their very own Advent Calendar  - once again courtesy of kind Anne McAllister.   She really specialises in finding this great Advent Calendar and adding them to the enjoyment of the countdown to Christmas Day! (And if you don’t believe me that the cars have an Advent Calendar – with cat treats in each pocket – here’s Charlie  picking a treat from the countdown this year.

Now,  liking Advent Calendars so much, in the past I’ve run an Advent Calendar on my  blog  and my Facebook page as we go through December and head to the 25th. But this year things went a bit wrong.   If you’ve seen my Facebook page you’ll find that I went to a concert  in Sheffield  on the 3rd  December – lovely concert, but unfortunately  it has  had an unpleasant aftermath as I had a nasty fall, battered my hip and my should and sprained my back .  Ouch!  No – it was worse than that  - it was OUCH!!  As a  result I’ve been confined to bed, to the settee, lying flat and not able to do very much. I’ve only just managed to get upright and catch up on some of the plans I had for Christmas.  Or for the Advent Calendar.  And I don’t have time to do the full 24 days of the calendar – only the 12 days of Christmas  - and those in a bit of a rush!  If I’m to get the giveaways in the post before the big day then I’m going to have to cram them all into  this week.

So – here’s what’s happening . . . I have a selection of backlist books  and a selection of angels!  The angels are  Christmas tree ornaments  - two bright and cheerful knitted ones and 10 beautiful little glass ones  ready to go on your tree. 

I’m starting off the 12 days event right here and  now and all you have to do is to post a comment to be  in the running for  one of the knitted angels  and your choice of a backlist book.  (I’ll let you know what books are on offer as soon as my back lets me go and check on the supplies. Details of those will be on my Facebook author page then.

Or if you know someone who has had a difficult time this year – sore back, perhaps!  - you can nominate them and let me know and I’ll send the  calendar gift to them.
So – sorry it’s late and a bit rushed! But  you still have the chance of winning one of the 12 angels and the 12 books – in these last 12 days of Christmas.   

Just come and say hello here, on my personal blog , or on myFacebook author page, (on my
Facebook page, leave a comment  and share the news of the giveaway from tomorrow)  and  you might win an extra Christmas gift.  

This giveaway will end, and all the winners will be notified by the end of  Monday 18th 2016. Good luck!

Happy Christmas   to everyone  who’s celebrating – thank you for your interest in my books all through 2016 . I hope you’ve enjoyed the books you’ve read  and that you’ll enjoy the ones I have coming up in 2017.   You'll find the news of them on my web site  (when I get organised) 


Jeanne M said...

Hi Kate!

I just wanted to stop by and say Hi! and hope that you're feeling better soon!

Jeanne M said...


What was thinking? I forgot to let you know that I'd love to know that my cat (Nathan) would love to get some knitted angels (he loves to play with just about everything and somehow keeps them in one piece! On the other hand I'm all for hopefully get a choice of a story from your backlist!

Mary Preston said...

OUCH indeed, I hope you are on the mend now.

Fabulous thank you.

dstoutholcomb said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

I'd nominate my friend Kim.


traveler said...

Thanks for this lovely post and giveaway. Hope that you are felling better.

petite said...

I nominate my friend Anne who is dealing with illness and an RA diagnosis. This would be very uplifting. Thanks. Wishing you well.

Kate Walker said...

Jeanne thank you for your comment - sorry to be slow getting back to you - I'm still moving so slowly, things are not getting done! But I'll get there.

Kate Walker said...

Ooops - I'm as bad as you, Jeanne - I only saw your first post but wanted to let you know - and acknowledge the second! And Charlie wants me to send purrs to your cat! He (Charlie ) has put your name(s) in the draw for the giveaway!

Kate Walker said...

Hi Mary - and thnk you for your good wishes. The back has been very 'ouch'! indeed but I'm hopeful it will be better for Christmas!

Kate Walker said...

Hi Denise - and thank you for your nomination, I love it when people nominate their friends! Happy Christmas to both of you

Kate Walker said...

Thank you traveller - I'm starting to get there now - but slowly! Happy Christmas to you and your family and friends

Kate Walker said...

Thank you petite for your nomination for your friend - illness is hard specially at this time of year - hope she's feeling better and her name will go into the draw,

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. I am in the midst of my own crisis that has set me behind this Christmas. I work for a small business and the ownership recently changed hands. We are making every effort for the clients to experience only a smoothness to the transition, but in the meantime, I am one of the "elves" behind the scenes scrambling to stay on top of things so that no one notices that we are shorthanded and taking on various new duties of the members who have left.


Kandy Shepherd said...

I love that kitty advent calendar, Kate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway. Hope you are up and feeling better soon. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway. Hope you are up and feeling better soon. Happy Holidays!

Kim lane

Jeanne M said...

Kate -

Our cat named Nathan adopted my husband and I two years ago! He would love having a Kitty advent calendar! You would get a kick if you could see him staring at the calendar we have now - it has a DOG on it and he would really love one with HIM on it!

Kate Walker said...

Well, I think I was rather over optimistic to think that I would be able to get caught up, wrap all the gifts and put them in the mail, write and post the cards. . . .

And run the 12 Days of Christmas!!

OK so some of this got done - there are parcels on their way to people - and there are cards out there in the mail system too! But unfortunately I've found that this wretched back injury is taking longer to heal up that I had hoped for - and wished for.

But not to worry, Charlie has decided that we can get some names out of the hat (or in his case out of the cat treats selection!) so that these can get on their way - and you still have the weekend to post a comment and be in with a chance of winning if you haven't already had your name chosen this time.

So this is how it works - there is the bundle of books in the giveaway

And there is the bundle of angels - knitted ones and glass ones - that are the extra gifts in the giveaway.

And there is Charlie ready to pick the names from those who have entered already!

Each of the books has a number on the back - from 1 to 12 and as Charlie picks names they will be assigned a book - #1 for the first #2 the second, and so on.

So I'm off to get the Maine man to do his job and will post some winners' names as soon as I know them.

And as I said, if you didn't win yet or if you haven't entered and want to be in with a chance then past a comment here - and share the giveaway with your friends - or post on my blog as well.

Back soon!

Kate Walker said...

OK - Charlie took some persuading that he needed to pick some winners before he had his supper - but I managed to persuade him - 
so first set of winners are:

Jeanne  M whose cat Nathan wants a knitted angel to play with!
Denise who nominated her friend  Kim, 
'Petite' who nominated her friend Anne who is dealing with illness. 
Ann Cameron 
Franca Poli

If you're on Facebook please contact me with your postal address
Some winners were on Tote Bags N Blogs so I'll contact them direct

And  there are still   7 more prizes  and three more days to comment/post/share either on Facebook oron my blog for a chance to win!

This giveaway closes on Monday

Kate Walker said...

Petite PLease can you contact me with your postal address?

katewalker AT


dstoutholcomb said...

Thank you!


Laney4 said...

Don't forget to take care of yourself (too), Kate! There's only one you!