Friday, December 16, 2016

Blame The Mistletoe - Free! Merry Christmas

Finding topics for blog posts can be a challenge. You would think words pour from an author's imaginative brain through her fingertips at a moment's notice, but when you do that all day, you wind up with very little Real Life to write about. Fun fact: I'm boring. (Not that fun a fact, even.)

Fortunately, I have a book that is free right now! And it's a Christmas book! Being able to tell you about it is pretty much a gift to both of us.

Blame The Mistletoe is Book Two in my Love in Montana series. It's a sexy, fun story about the awkward family dynamics that can rear their heads over the  holidays, especially when exes and blended families get involved.

Liz is a bit of a scoffer when it comes to celebrating the season, but Blake converts her to a total Christmas lover. If you like yummy year-end food, walks in the snow to get a tree, and tender moments in front of the fire, snap this one up. It's your jam!

Another fun fact: Liz and Blake make an appearance in my new book, His Christmas Miracle.
In His Christmas Miracle, Quincy has just discovered he has a four-year-old son. He never expected to be a dad and is struggling to find his feet as a parent. He hires Nicki to get them through the holidays and she sees right away they need to bond.

Nicki creates an Advent calendar of activities to throw them together, and winds up falling for Quincy and Atlas herself. Here's what one reviewer said about it:
"This one had me in tears, both the sad, the wishful and the happy tears that only a really good story that touches the heart can produce. I absolutely loved this couple and their romance. It’s a story that I know I’ll be re-reading for many Christmas seasons to come." 
Blame The Mistletoe will be free for about another week. Double check the price before you one-click.

Finally, here's a message I recorded for my reader group. It's not fancy, but we had snow that day so I ran outside to say, "Merry Christmas." If nothing else, it's worth posting it so you can chuckle at the expression on my face in this thumbnail. I look like a pirate with the play button over my eye like that.

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Have a wonderful holiday season!

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