Sunday, December 18, 2016

All About The Mouse...Sorta


I have a confession to make: I'm a Disney addict. There. I said it.

Yes, it's all about the Mouse for me. There is literally nothing about Disney I don't like and I will jump at any chance to go. Disney World, Disneyland, it doesn't matter (although DW is closer so I've been there more--a LOT more--by default). I took advantage of one of those chances earlier this month. Okay, maybe I created the advantage. Disney addict, remember? Anyway, my cousin has never been to Disney. Never ever. And she's forty-three. Of course I had to correct that, so off to Disney World we went for a week-long cousin's getaway.

What fun we had! I know not everyone agrees with my Disney addiction. I know not everyone loves the Mouse as much as I do. I get that. I may not understand it but hey, it is what it is. I won't judge. But I have to tell you there's something completely awesome and totally amazing about experiencing Disney World through a first-timer's eyes--especially when that first-timer is an adult.

We walked entirely too much (more than 10 miles each day, according to our Fitbits), ate entirely too much (but it was so delicious and we were walking it off, right?), and rode every ride more than once. We met new people, had a mini-reunion with some other cousins, and may have even tried to drink around the world (I'll spare you the details on that!).

In short: we had a blast. It wasn't just the exhausting entertainment--it was the chance to really connect. And yes, even to escape a bit from reality. And while we really did exhaust ourselves (I'm serious about that one), it was worth it. Our lives are so busy now and it's so easy to get caught up in the everyday demands that we lose sight of the important things around us. That's even more true at this crazy time of year!

My holiday wish for all of you is that you each get a chance to take a break. Slow down. Relax. Reconnect. But more than that, take the time to enjoy what's important to you. You don't need the Mouse to help you with that!

Of course, having the Mouse doesn't hurt. And speaking of the Mouse, where in the spectrum do you fall? Are you a fan? A fellow addict? Neutral? And is anyone planning a visit in 2017? Because you know, I'm always looking for an excuse…

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday, and a safe and healthy New Year! And don't forget, you can check out my website here to see what other craziness I might be up to (or, you know, email me if you need someone to go to Disney with...!).

Best wishes,


dstoutholcomb said...

I would love to meet the Mouse and visit Disney. Alas, I have never been to the land of fairy tales and princesses. My husband has no interest in going to any magical kingdom. We were so close to it this past summer on a college tour road trip I could feel it, but he could not be persuaded. He refuses to drink the kool-aid of the lure of castles and rides and food and al things Mickey.


dstoutholcomb said...

**all things Mickey

Lisa B. Kamps said...

I feel your pain, Denise--my hubby feels the same way and says he's all "Disneyed-out"...which is why I sweet talk (or even beg, bribe, and cajole) my friends and family to go with me whenever I can :)!