Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Schwinter! Christmas is.....coming?

      Possibly it's the record-breaking spring-like weather here in southern NJ? Possibly it's the arrival of my second grandbaby - another Brisbin princess named Sydney Grace? Possibly it's the cold that is trouncing me right now? Or some of each of those? Whatever the cause, I have lost the Christmas spirit!

That's alarming to me since Christmas, especially with the family gathered at my house, is my favorite holiday and day of the year.  I look forward to the family getting together to decorate our tree -- each year there are new personalized ornaments to add to the collection. The boys (and their wives/fiancee) take turns putting theirs up on the tree, each vying for the best position to be seen. And, each year, we add a new Disney ornament,

On Christmas morning, they would all come over to open presents and have brunch...well, a late breakfast really of scrambled eggs, sausage gravy over biscuits and hashbrown casserole. Mmmmmm...Sometimes they'd hang around and we'd order Chinese take-out for dinner or even go to a movie.

But this year promises to be very different and I guess I'm not happy. Now with babes of their own, two sons have other arrangements for the morning. We're not going to be able to all be together due to work schedules and extended family plans. Some will be here Christmas Eve, some in the morning, some...whenever.  So all of that might be influencing my feelings and lack of anticipation, I think.

Then, in spite of my best efforts and massive quantities of Airborne, I now have the cold of the year. I thought it was my allergies (hey, those spring-like temps all month have grass and flowers growing already!), but last night it took me down hard. I've gone through 2 boxes of tissues so far and there will be more.....

Of course, I refuse to blame it on my newest princess, Sydney. I've enjoyed every single second of the time I've been able to spend with her since her arrival just before Thanksgiving. She is, of course, the cutest little baby in creation (along with her beautiful cousin Alexis - shown <<

So, with four days left and the arrival of winter today, I'm still searching for my Christmas spirit. But I hope you have yours and that your Christmas will be filled with health, happiness, family and friends!

Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy and Healthy 2016!! 


Terri is looking forward to 2016, once she gets over this mood, with new books and some exciting news to share after the holidays. Visit her website for more info! 

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Merry Christmas!