Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cooks and Books—Making Christmas Candy w/ author, Holly Jacobs

I have a few things I talk about a lot on social media...books, cooking, gardening, and let's not forget glee!

Someone told me that I have way too much fun with life...I think there's a chance they're right.  LOL  We've made hard candy for the holidays for year.  It's absurdly simple, but a bit intimidating.  So I made a video.  I'm not sure what Julia Child would say, but I think this spells out the recipe.

I hope it helps while you're prepping for the holidays!

Wishing you a beautiful one that's filled with family, friends, good books...and a lot of glee!  Oh, and candy.  Wishing you some candy, too! 


PS My HollyDay read, Christmas in Cupid Falls, is on sale today!


HollyJacobs said...

Merry Christmas!

Kaelee said...

Merry Christmas Holly. Hope it's filled with glee.

HollyJacobs said...

Kaelee, Glee will be had here...hoping there, too!! Merry Christmas!!