Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Susan Stephens: Happy Holidays!

I'm going to start right out by announcing my winner from my last blog. And, thank you all for being so patient!!

Traveler, it's you! Please send your details to Lee at so she can send you something from the US, and if you send Lee your snail mail, I would like to send you a small holiday gift from the UK. It may take a while with the holiday rush with mail here, but it's just a little token from me to reach out to you to say, Happy Holidays!

I don't want you to miss out on my other contests, so when you have chance, pop along to SusanStephensAuthor on Facebook and 'LIKE' that page to be entered automatically in my monthly draw. I visited London recently to plunder the stores for my readers, and I have some great little gifts to give away!

The other way to enter an entirely separate contest with more prizes, is to subscribe to my Newsletter - We have prizes for both 'New' and 'Established' subscribers, so you're never disadvantaged whenever you decide to sign up for the latest info on my crazy life here on the wild Yorkshire moors, and of course my books. 

Isn't that the great thing about the internet? When I started writing it was in complete isolation, but now we can chat and comment, and we authors can learn what our readers want us to write, as well as what our readers other interests might be. And authors can open up and share their process, and something of their life. I was lucky enough when I started out to have the amazing Penny Jordan living just down the road, and that was the most incredible thing imaginable. Penny's generosity of spirit was second to none. Her encouragement was invaluable. And our shared love of animals the bond that joined us, as well our writing. 

And then there was Lee, the host of this Blog. Leena Hyat was the first person to contact me when my first book came out. Lee conducted my first interview and we have become good friends and stayed in touch ever since. What a wonderful warm circle the world of romance can be when we reach out.

Talking of books!

Here's what's coming up - both under my Xandra King pen name and Susan Stephens.

This is a late January release - there will be a newsletter announcement to all my subscribers.  Do you have Xandra's first book in this series?

And Now For Susan Stephens - 
Available for pre-order...

You know I just can't get enough of hot polo players with iron thighs ;)

I can now announce Release Dates for my entire HOT BRAZILIAN NIGHTS SERIES - MARCH APRIL NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015.  Enjoy!!!

My contest for you, here on this Blog... Which cover do you like best, and why?

Wishing you all the very best of everything this holiday season, and success, happiness and good health in the New Year!!



dstoutholcomb said...

The one with the blue shirt looks more like a "polo" player, the other one looks like they're at a horse farm.


Di said...

I like the beautiful sunset on the cover of 'At the Brazilian's Command'.

Mary Preston said...

The top one does say 'polo', but the bottom one is very beautiful. I want to visit there.

Susan Stephens said...

Agreed. We get some amazing sunsets and dawns, up here on the wide stretches of the Yorkshire moors, Di. And that is a very evocative cover.

Susan Stephens said...

There's something about wide open countryside that's hard to beat, isn't there, Mary.

Carol L. said...

In the Brazilian's Debt is the one I like best. Happy Holidays
Carol L
Lucky470 (at) all (dot) com

Susan Stephens said...

I just replied - not sure where it went - so, please forgive me if this is a repeat, Denise! Both covers have their plus points and it's so interesting to me to hear your views

Susan Stephens said...

Thank you, Carol. And the very best to you. I wish you every happiness and success in 2015, together with the best of health.
Is there a particular reason why you prefer In The Brazilian's Debt? Just interested :)

Laurie G said...

Chemistry leaps off the book cover, Xandra King. An attractive couple with strong vibes!