Friday, December 19, 2014

Susan Meier: I'm late!

I'm late because I'm behind. LOL

Who isn't?

This year my mother's hospitalization has taken what is a normally busy season and made it crazy.

But...lateness not withstanding...

I had a conversation with my daughter today. Not only was she recently in an automobile accident, but also her washer broke. Add to that a few other unexpected expenses and she was working (read: struggling) to figure out how she was going to buy gifts.

I told her the usual stuff a mom tells her child. 1) Daddy and I don't want a gift. 2) Gramm would shoot you if she knew you were even considering going without eating so you could buy her a gift. 3) Your brothers don't want gifts.

She still seemed reluctant to believe me and her week's supply of ramen noodles remained in jeopardy.

So I pulled out the big gun...

I said, "What if the universe is trying to show you the real meaning of Christmas? What if, this year, you're supposed to see that you are loved for who you are, not for the gifts you buy?"

Ah. Something to think about.

Nobody wants to be in a position where they can't buy gifts. But wouldn't everyone on your list be happy to see you with or without a gift?

And isn't it nice, every once in a while, to stop the hustle and shopping bustle to realize we are loved.

Happy Holidays and a Very Blessed 2015!

susan meier

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