Saturday, December 13, 2014

A 2,000 Mile Year

Walking from Erie, PA to Twin Falls, Idaho

Last year for Christmas, my husband bought me a gift I didn't ask for...heck, I didn't know anything about them.  He got me a FitBit.  He said he knew the tiny device would combine my love of techie things with my obsession  love of walking.  He was right.

I pick an annual word.  Something that I can look at and remind myself of what I want to work on that year.  2014's word was STEP.

And though I am not someone who makes New Year's resolutions, I decided to set the goal of trying for 10,000 steps a day for the whole year.

So every morning, I walk the dogs.  They do their dog stuff and I reflect on the day's work.  It's quiet in the morning.  I feel like the world is mine.  I think about what I wrote the previous day and try to decide where to write next.

Every evening, my husband goes for a walk with me.  We walk around the neighborhood and reconnect.  He tells me about his day at the office, I tell him about mine on the couch working on my WIP.

And every day this year, I've had at least 10,000 steps, which is about five miles a day.  Most days I go a lot farther.

I visited Mapquest a couple weeks ago and realized that if I'd walked west in a straightish line, all those steps and miles would have taken me to Twin Falls, Idaho.  It's not quite to the coast, but it's close.  Just over 2,000 miles.

So, what is my takeaway from my year of walking?
~I like walking, but I knew that going in to it.
~If you set a goal, you can reach it, one step at a time!
~Sometimes it's best not to look too far down the road.  It's easier to concentrate on the next step...the next mile.  The other 1,999 miles will sort themselves out.
~Walking is great exercise for your body...but it's also a great time to sort out things in your mind.

So as I approach the end of my year of walking, there's not just a good chance that I'll be walking again next's a certainty.


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Thank you, Denise! It's been fun tracking my steps. And really it's been a treat reminder that you can reach a goal if you take one step at a time!