Thursday, December 04, 2014

CJ Carmichael: If You Could Spend Christmas Anywhere In The World...?

Where would you choose, if a generous fairy godmother offered to send you anywhere in the world for Christmas? Would you pick someplace sunny and exotic, like a beach or, say, Waratah Bay, Australia? Until I bought Marion Lennox’s Christmas at Waratah Bay,  I had no idea this place existed, let alone that it offers a pristine 20 kilometers of white, sandy beach. I have spent every Christmas of my life in Canada, with cold weather, evergreen trees and usually a fair amount of snow. There is no question that lights look prettier when they are sparkling against a blanket of fresh, powder snow. But I think I could do a beach at Christmas. I really do.
Maybe you have a romantic, moody soul and you’re thinking the highlands of Scotland would suit the holiday better? If so, why not throw in a request for a castle while you’re at it? And...perhaps...a sexy Laird as well?

If something more traditionally English is appealing, you could always try Yorkshire. Can you see yourself in a cute stone cottage, sipping tea from a porcelain cup while munching on traditional minced pies, or plum pudding, or tiffins? (Don’t ask me what these things are. You’ll have to check the recipe, referenced below.) 

For a truly magical and beautiful Christmas...could anything be more divine than Venice? Maybe being invited by a gorgeous Italian to stay at his ritzy palazzo apartment and experiencing Christmas Venetian-style: including gourmet meals,  seasonal markets and exquisite musical concerts. Sigh.

If you’re a country girl at heart, perhaps you hanker to be out in the mountains for Christmas, snug in a comfy ski lodge, sitting by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa...and a rugged ski guide? Of course there will be snow. Lots and lots of snow!

I’m sorry I can’t wave my wand and send you to any of these amazing places. I really wish I could. But I can invite you to be transported by your own imagination and the wonderful joy of reading.
While these five Christmas Stories take place in very different areas of the world, there is one thing that unites them. The heroine of Snowbound in Montana, Eliza Bramble, owns a bed and breakfast in Marietta, Montana called “Bramble House.” This year she has done such a special job of decorating it for the holidays that she decided to write a blog about it. In each of these books, one of the characters finds this blog on-line and uses one of Eliza’s recipes or decorating tips in their own story.  If you read these books, see if you can spot all the connections. Then you might want to check out The Bramble House Blog on Pinterest where you’ll find the recipes and decorating tips from the books.

I hope you enjoy your holiday season. Wherever you may choose to spend it!

Very Warmest Wishes!
CJ Carmichael


dstoutholcomb said...

Sounds wonderful!

When I was born, my aunt was living in Hawai'i because my uncle was stationed there with the Navy. She missed the evergreens, but she made-do with fruit tree and her ornaments.


Unknown said...

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