Saturday, December 06, 2014

Addison Fox: Giving Back

Maybe it’s the season or maybe I’m getting old (likely both!) but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about giving back. While we often think of the “back” in the form of monetary contribution, I was thinking more recently about the giving of self.

As writers, we are constantly mining the depths of our human existence. What makes a person rise above themselves and give of themselves to another? Their time? Their love? Their emotions?

It’s an especially important theme in romance novels and is often part of the hero or heroine’s journey, or their mutual journey together. Learning how to let go of past hurts in order to move on – that giving of oneself freely to another - is a huge part of a good romance read.

Giving of oneself doesn’t exist solely in books or in falling in love with a mate. Selflessness is an essential element in sharing our lives with those around us. Small acts of kindness – calling someone to simply say hi or brighten their day – far exceed the simplicity of the gesture.

To me, that’s a key beauty of the holiday season. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, we focus on spending time with others. Sharing our lives, celebrating the end of another year and the dawn of a fresh one, and focusing on the people in our lives who truly matter are what the holidays are all about.

So it’s in that spirit that I wish you a most wonderful holiday season, several hours of laughter and togetherness and much love to light your way.

Thanks for joining me today!


Despite early ambitions of being a diver, a drummer or a doctor, Addison Fox happily discovered she was more suited to life as a writer. She lives in Dallas and - thankfully - doesn't have to operate on anyone. You can find her at her home on the web at Her next book, SILKEN THREATS, will be out from Harlequin Romantic Suspense in February 2015. You can visit her at her website at


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Happy Holidays!

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Lovely post Thank you. Happy Holidays.
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