Sunday, February 08, 2009

Work and the White Stuff - Christina Hollis

The first week of February has hardly ended, but the year has already been a busy one. I put the finishing touches to my latest Modern Romance, The Count of Castelfino. While that was under consideration, I asked my writing mentor, the poet Paul Groves, to take a look at the short story I’m entering for the 2009 Bridport Prize. He came up with some useful suggestions, so I’ve made a couple of minor adjustments to my story and its now almost ready for despatch. Then I got some really good news: The Count of Castelfino was accepted and will be published as a Mills and Boon Modern Romance in the autumn. I’m already hard at work on my next book, but it’s quite a task fitting any writing time in at the moment. February 1st saw the publication of Her Ruthless Italian Boss as a Harlequin Presents title, and February 2nd brought five inches of snow! That meant the local schools were closed, and we were busy doing a lot of digging to reach the hens and the bird tables. The van delivering our groceries couldn’t get within a couple of miles of us, so it’s a good job we keep a supply of essentials like dried milk, flour and cereals! Keeping the children amused with snowballs and sledging takes up quite a bit of time – then there was a piece for the February authorsoundrelations newsletter and extract to produce and various other blogs to write. Not to mention updating my own website! I’m running a competition throughout this month, with prizes including signed copies of Her Ruthless Italian Boss. Find out how to enter by visiting

It looks like we might get snowed in again before long. What’s your favourite tip for keeping cabin fever at bay?


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Just saw this post. It's snowing here in Seattle today as well. I remember when the kids were little if it wasn't too cold, they let them play outside. But since our home was the place where everyone ended up, crafts, videos, even a little baking for the girls and for the boys, the basement!

Great news about your new book

Christina Hollis said...

Hi Marilyn - sorry I haven't replied earlier, the power was out (another traditional winter thrill!) I think baking with the children is one of my favourite activities...especially when it comes to choc chip cookies. Good as dough or baked, I find.
Thanks for the good wishes about the new book!
Best wishes

Unknown said...

I would say to keep my cabin fever at bay I usually clean a little, go online and of course read. If there is no power somtimes we play board games by candle-lite.