Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Things about Shiloh Walker

Hey everybody...thanks for dropping by today. My brain is on overdrive from deadlines and instead of trying to think up something witty, unique and captivating, I'm just going to do one of those infamous memes...these are kind of fun, though. I've had a blast reading some on the web and learning things I never would have guessed about people.

Now I'm not going to tag anybody to follow this up, but feel free to do it if you want to!

And now here's 25 things you probably don't know about me:
1. When I was five months pregnant with my son, the DH and I went to Ireland.
2. I got to see the Blarney Stone.
3. I did NOT kiss the Blarney Stone...and I doubt you could convince me to do it unless it was cleaned with Clorox first. LOTS of Clorox.
4. I grew up listening to my mom tell me and my brothers ghost stories...they are true, accordingly to my mom and her side of the family...they are hauntable, I guess.
5. The reason I write so many different kinds of romance is because I have a wicked short attention span.
6. I think I'm a lousy writer... (hmmmm...maybe I should keep that one quiet...oh well.)
7. The site of blood doesn't bother me, but I hate spiders.
8. I was about a year away from getting my black belt when I found out I was pregnant. Morning sickness made me stop taekwondo and it took me 7 years to start back.
9. In September, God willing, I'm finally going to test for my black belt.
10. I have a katana hanging over the door of my office.
11. I love romance, but I have a die-hard passion for fantasy and urban fantasy.
12. My favorite urban fantasies have romance aspects to them.
13. My husband knows a guy that is related to country/gospel music singer, Charlie Daniels.
14. I've been to see Gallagher three times.
15. I've seen Ron White twice.
16. I've seen Bill Engvall twice.
17. I'd rather go to a comedy or magic show than a concert.
18. I love music, but I can rarely remember who sings a song, or the title, unless it's a favorite of mine.
19. I'm dying to take my kids and husband to Scotland, Ireland and England.
20. I'm getting addicted to the gourmet chocolates found in New York City.
21. I've never been to New York City.
22. I married my high school sweetheart.
23. We got married in the church I've to since childhood.
24. I had a crush on him in middle school and used to kick him to show him my affection.
25. I kidnapped him for a getaway this Valentine's Day.

So there ya go...a sneak peek into the mind of Shiloh Walker, arachnophobic, die hard romantic, and author extraordinaire. If you're so inclined and would like to check out any of my books, you can find me at

Thanks for dropping by and if you do a twenty-five things, let us know so we can check YOURS out.

Shiloh Walker


Shiloh Walker said...

Hi lee...thanks for having me drop by! hope I don't bore ya senseless with my ramblings.

Estella said...

I enjoy this type of post. Kind of lets you know the authors you read are real people.