Monday, February 23, 2009

Dark or Light - - - Or Maybe Not!

I grew up in a family where no one ever raised their voice. I’m sure my parents disagreed on lots of things, but my sister and brother and I never heard them do it. As a result, when I became an adult I had to fight my natural inclination to avoid controversy. Life is never all peaches and cream and sometimes the world just smells and sounds bad. I can’t simply hide my head and run from strong opinions or snark forever. (stay with me, I’m telling you all this for a reason)

My newest release from the Silhouette Romantic Suspense line is the second book in my Safekeeper series called SAFE BY HIS SIDE and is out now. For those of you who read the first book in the series, SAFE WITH A STRANGER, this is Ethan’s book, the one you’ve been waiting for! Cool cover, don’t you think?

The Safekeepers trilogy is what I call ‘light paranormal’ suspense. The three Ryan children have been cursed by their great-grandmother who is a Mexican black witch. The three Ryans know some white witchcraft themselves, but each uses that knowledge in a different way in their everyday lives. Behind the scenes, a battle rages in Mexico to have the Ryan curse reversed before the great-grandmother dies. In the Safekeeper series, the witchcraft is mostly in the background of the three stories, but the curse plays a big part in the Ryans’ lives.

Last week I was talking to my editor about the light paranormal aspects in the books I’ve been writing. We were trying to decide whether I would be better off to take them out of my books, leave them in, or go darker and move to the Nocturne line with a new series. I’m still considering. It depends on my next story line. But in the meantime, I sent out a newsletter last weekend. By the way, do you get my newsletter? If you want to sign up, go to this link:
I asked everyone for their opinions on light paranormal.

Here is what I said:
“Recently I’ve been including a little light paranormal in my own mini-series books. (but not in The Sheriff’s Amnesiac Bride) I’ve been having a terrific time learning more about Mexican witchcraft for The Safekeepers stories. By the way, if you want to find out more, I have articles on my website about healing with crystals and a new one on the healing powers of colors. See:

So, I could use a favor. How do you feel about ‘light’ paranormal? I know lots of readers love vampire books and that shape-shifters have become quite popular. But do you also like to read books with just a dash of magic? Or a touch of the fairies? Or with a heroine with some psychic ability? Either way I need to know how you really feel.”

Boy have I been hearing how people feel! For a moment there, I felt like hiding. I know, I know. Don’t ask unless you want to hear about it. But I’m all grown up now and I can take it. Yikes! So many people seem to have extremely strong feelings one way or the other. The biggest surprise for me, I guess, was how many people have grown tired of vampire and shapeshifter stories. Interesting.

So… at the risk of “getting what I ask for”, I’d like to get your opinions too.

How do you feel about ‘light’ paranormal? Do you love vampire books and shape-shifters? Or are you tired of them? Do you also like to read books with just a dash of magic? Or a touch of the fairies? Or with a heroine with some psychic ability? Either way I need to know how you really feel.

Leave me a comment and I’ll pick two winners from all the comments left before Tuesday February 24TH to win autographed copies of SAFE BY HIS SIDE.

Linda’s Silhouette Romantic Suspense series, The Safekeepers, continues in March with SAFE BY HIS SIDE and in April with IN SAFE HANDS. Don’t forget to drop by Linda’s website to find out what’s Behind the Book for the series, and register to enter her ongoing contest to win books and gift certificates!


CrystalGB said...

Hi Linda. I love books that have paranormal elements whether it be heavy or light.

Unknown said...

I love books with the light paranormal. Give just a dash of magic and I think it does something for the book. I read a little of everything. So bring them on.

Linda Conrad said...

Good for you, Crystal. I'm glad you're not tired of them yet. I've heard some people say they are sooo over vampires. But there are some I still like.

Linda Conrad said...

Virginia, I'm with you. That little dash of magic just adds something I love. I also read most all genres--except if they're too scary or gory.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi Linda,

I grew up with that touch of "light
paranormal-ness" from my Hispanic
ancestors. But anything heavier than that just does not sit well with me. I just read my first "real" more-than-normal novel. I didn't really enjoy it but passed it on to daughter #2. She read it and returned it with a comment:
That book is weird! I agree with
her! I think just a touch of
"magic" or fairies or some such
would be OK but more than that
won't work for me!

Pat Cochran

Maureen said...

I like a little bit of paranormal because it adds a little bit of mystery to the story.

Linda Conrad said...

hey Pat,

My series have included a little witchcraft, or maybe a Native American belief, or a tarot reader, and once even a gypsy fortune teller. That's what I mean by 'light'. Heavy paranormals are those dark ones with vampires and demons.

Linda Conrad said...

Exactly, Maureen! I feel the same way. I had gotten a little bored with straight romantic suspense, but put in a little magic and the story comes alive!

Estella said...

I enjoy all paranormal stories.

Mariee said...

I enjoy a little bit of everything, both the dark and lighter paranormals. And I'm definitively not tired of vampires :)

Linda Conrad said...

Great, Estella! I like all but the really scary ones.

Linda Conrad said...

Boy, that's great, Marie! Since I write the light ones and am thinking of writing darker, I'm super glad you're not tired of them yet!

Helen said...


These sound really good I haven't seen this line in Australia, I will have to check them out

Have Fun

Laurie G said...

vI enjoyed your Gypsy Inheritance series!! I have several paranormal books on my TBR pile but they rarely seem to be my first choice. I do like Lori Handeland's "Moon" series books.
I am open to giving new genres a chance.

Linda Conrad said...

Hi Helen,

I'm not positive that Silhouette Romantic Suspense sells in Australia. I'll look into it. I know Silhouette Desires do. I have written for that line in the past.

Linda Conrad said...

Thanks, Laurie!
Yes, the Gypsy Inheritance series is what I mean by 'light' paranormal. So glad you liked them! My new Safekeepers are like that too. Not too dark.

Linda Conrad said...

I just put names in a hat and drew out---- CrystalGB and Virginia!!!
Congrats! You two please send me your snail addresses and I'll send you a copy of SAFE BY HIS SIDE. Email me at: