Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Appreciating every day - Wendy Toliver

Photo: "Wendy (right) hanging out with her girlfriend Christina (left)"

Today my oldest boy turns 9. It's truly mind boggling to realize how fast time goes by. As writers, we sometimes get so wrapped up in our WIP, or stress about our futures in the publishing industry, we forget to enjoy day-to-day life. I think a very important part of being a good writer is experiencing life to the fullest.

This year, I've made some changes in my routine to help me appreciate each and every day. I've become more healthy, taking yoga classes, working out at the gym, and cutting out a certin diet soda that I was borderline addicted to. I take time to read to my little boys, which not only nurtures their growing minds; it's great bonding time. I've taken up snowboarding, which is another great connection with my boys. My husband and I have movie nights, where we get the kids to bed and watch a DVD together with a glass of wine. And every now and then, I make it a point to have a Girls' Night Out, whether we go to a film festival, shopping, or just a nice dinner.

Some writers might think that doing these sorts of things (in addition to one's day job, if applicable) doesn't leave much time for writing. But I've found that when I do sit down at my computer and start working, my ideas flow more freely and I am more satifisfied with the results. I feel more inspired and creative. My yoga teacher recently gave me a book called The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron and I look forward to reading it.

Before life passes us by, we need to reevaluate what really counts. For me, it's a balance between my family, friends, career, and alone ("me") time. What really counts for you?

Wendy Toliver


Unknown said...

Wendy, great post. For me, like you, it would be family that counts most.
And I love Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. I hope you enjoy it too! It's provided invaluable inspiration for me in many ways.

Unknown said...

Family counts the most. I love to spend time with my kids and hubby.