Monday, February 02, 2009

Defending my Keeper Shelf - Susanna Carr

One of my relatives saw my crammed bookshelves and the stacks of books on the floor next to the shelves. He asked, “Why do you keep your books?”

I gave him a strange look. Is that like the weirdest question ever?! “So I can read them again.”

Then he gave me a strange look and asked me another weird question. “Why? You already know what happens.”

I tried to explain that it doesn’t matter. That I like revisiting the books from time to time. Or, like recently I read a Michelle Reid book and once I was done I was in the mood for read some more Michelle Reid books. I was able to find some of my favorite Michelle Reid books in my bookshelf, allowing me to stay in the fantasy world just a little bit longer.

He didn’t get it. He suggested I give away all my books away and if I felt like reading a book again I could make a visit to the library.

Get rid of my books? I. Don’t. Think. So. He’s lucky I didn’t throw my books at him.

Do you have to defend your book habit? What do you say or do when someone encourages you to let go of your books?


Donna Alward said...

I don't keep as many as I used to, because I'm reading more and more. But when I was younger and money was quite tight, I read books over and over and over again, just like watching movies. I know I read a lot of LaVyrle Spencer's over a dozen times.

Stefanie said...

Yes, I have to defend my books. Most of the time it's my dad who doesn't understand it. Why do I read so much? Why do I buy them? Why do I keep them?

Well, everybody has a hobby and mine is reading. I read when everybode else is watching tv, when I'm on my way to school, whenever I find the time. And the library has only a handful of them, while I've got hundreds of wonderful books!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't he ever watched a movie more than once? Or a seen a television show repeat even though he already knows what will happen? Rereading a book is like that in my opinion.

Lois said...

I was going to suggest the movie/tv show idea too. It's the same deal, just different medium. And me, I keep all mine too, just not the ones I really didn't like -- those I know I'm not going to read again. :)


Kara said...

My father is the one who complains about my books the most - doesn't understand why I go to Library sales and get more books when I have bags of them here.

My mother doesn't chime in - because she doesn't come over to the house due to her physical limitations.

I usually don't have a response - I just look at him like he is from another planet - I mean - he has a record collection that he stores in the basement of my house - what's up with that!!! LOL

Misty Williams said...

Luckily, I don't get asked that one. I think they know better. HAHA!

Lori Ann said...

Most of my friends and family are heavy readers, so I do not have to defend my books too much. There have been a few people who did not understand why I like to keep so many books instead of getting rid of them. I just told them that reading is my hobby and I could not imagine getting rid of them. I get the urge to reread books all the time, and I want them to be there when those urges hit.

Helen said...

I keep my books as well I can't stand the thought of not having them here.
My answer to people who ask why I keep them is that they are for my retirement just in case I can't afford to buy them the way I do now LOL.

Have Fun

Estella said...

No one says anything about my books!

Mariee said...

I keep all of my books. Yeah, they do take up alot of space, but I always have something to read and I love to re-read old favorites.

Maureen said...

I have been trying to give away books that I really enjoyed but probably won't read again anytime soon. I know there is only so much room so I am trying to be realistic

Unknown said...

My hubby is always trying to get me to get rid of some of my books. I switched gears on him when I started collecting his tools to give to his friends one night when he started asking my friends to take some books home.

Karen H said...

I must be a strange duck because I don't have a 'keeper' shelf. I just don't have room on my 3 large bookcases for them. They are jam packed full of books waiting to be read the first time!

People do ask how I am ever going to get through the 800+ books on my TBR shelves, and I tell them that's what the rest of my retired life is for....reading! Get over it!

I agree with everyone books are my hobby and my collection and I always have a marvelous choice of what to read next. I have noticed though that when I did re-read a book, I really didn't enjoy it as much as I did the first time around.

Michele L. said...

Oh my gosh, we are two peas in a pod Susanna! I have a wonderful collection of KEEPER books. Most of them have been signed by authors. My husband is so sweet about me keeping my books. He has his own collection of books he likes to read.

So, I don't have a person that complains about the books I keep. It is my TBR pile that is enormous! I just love books and I am always getting more. Hey, you never know when you will be snowed in and not have anything to do!