Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Giving New Authors a Chance - Tracy Wolff

I love books. I love books. I really looooooove books. My keeper shelf is actually five tall bookcases because that's really how many books I can't live without. Not to mention the fact every time we move (and we've moved a lot) my husband and the movers complain incessantly abou the fact that they have to move thirty or forty boxes of books. On top of that, I give away somewhere in the area of 200-250 books a year that I've read but just don't have room to keep. But what can you say-- when my day job is English professor and my night job is romance novelist, how could I not be obsessed?

Even so, despite my obsession, I'm pretty particular about the books I buy. I try to stick to tried and true authors or authors that I know I'll like. But in doing that, I end up missing out on a lot of fabulous talent that is new to the romance genre.

So, this year I've decided to change all that.

As a new author myself (my first Harlequin, A Christmas Wedding, came out in November 2008 and my first single title, Full Exposure, hit the shelves this month) I've decided to make a point of reading new and relatively new authors this year. There's so much talent in the romance genre these days-- across the sub-genres-- that it's exciting to find brand new talent and then watch where it goes. So, in the past few months, I've read a bunch of new authors and there are a few that I have really loved. Some of my favorites are: Laura Griffin, who writes really fabulous romantic suspense set in Austin. Sherry Thomas, who writes historicals filled with some of the most beautiful prose I have ever read and Charlotte Featherstone, whose historical erotica, Addicted, tells a fascinating story of love and addiction.
So, what new authors have you tried in the last few months? Are there any that really stand out for you?


Unknown said...

Ann Christopher is a new and amazing author to me. If you havent read her books about the Warner men then you definetly should try it. Tender Secrets and The Road to Seduction are hot reads.

Mariee said...

Jill Sorenson is a new author for me and I recently read her newest release Crash Into Me. Really great book!

Tracy Deebs said...

Thanks, Sarbelle. I'll pick her up. And I'm in the middle of Crash Into Me right now, Marie--LOL! I grew up surfing/hanging out on those beaches so it really brings me back fifteen years to high school

Helen said...

I love reading new authors as well and a couple that I read last year are Loucinda McGary The Wild Sight fantastic book and Jeanne Adams Dark and Dangerous another great book Kendra Leigh Castle Call of The Highland Moon.

Have Fun

Laurie G said...

Leslie LaFoy! I just finished "Her Scandolous Marriage"- Historical. Her characters are real. Seriously! they talk and react like people should. Funny, witty conversations, unusual situations, hot HOT hot chemistry, beautifully written love scenes. I'm going to look for ALL of her books!

Lori Ann said...

I have read several new authors lately. Larissa Ione's Pleasure Unbound is an amazing read. I was totally sucked in by her world building and characterization. Meredith Duran and Christie Kelley are talented new writers in the historical romance genre. Also, Emily Bryan, who used to write as Diana Groe, is a wonderful author. I highly recommend her books if you are looking for light, fun romance with great characters.

Tracy Deebs said...

Thanks for all the great tips of new authors. I have read Larissa Ione and loved her. But the others are now on my TBB list!

Unknown said...

Catherine Anderson and Robyn Carr are two that I recently found. I do the same thing, stick to readers that I know for comfort reads. I do like to find new authors and when I find one I really like it is such a bonus if there are lots of books

Karen H said...

New-to-me authors that I have read in the past year include Emily Bryan, Rona Sharon, Maya Rodale and Michele Ann Young. Others I have on my TBR shelves but haven't read yet include: Sherry Thomas, Claudia Dain and Kate Noble.

I have so many TBR books that I tend to be careful before adding a new author to the pile/heap!

Misty Williams said...

Hmmm...lets see. Nancy Warren, Sophie Kinsella. Those are two new authors for me. Loving them!

Michele L. said...

I always love to tell people about new authors I have discovered! Here are some that I have discovered,

Gemma Halliday, High Heel Mysteries
Victoria Dahl, Talk Me Down
Julie Harper, For the Love of Pete
and a paranormal author
Kat Richardson, Greywalker
I could not put Greywalker down it is so fascinating and different!

kim h said...

cherie whitefeatehr not knew but other name with the art of seductin very good