Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hey, 2016, Looking Forward To Knowing You -- Michelle Monkou

Not sure if I'm the unusual one who loves the winding down of the present year, while anticipating the steady approach of the new year. For me, the feeling is like slipping off a well-worn coat and picking a new, lighter wear as my accessory. I have no choice, but to go forward through that door marked 2016.

Because really, 2016 doesn't care if you're ready or not.

The new year isn't waiting to hear if we have prepared for it or, likewise, isn't disappointed if we just lazed around and stayed comatose on the couch. Doesn't matter if the weather is picture perfect or there're storms harkening to the Old Testament, upon its arrival.

The New Year will not be denied.

If we don't really have to prepare and we don't have to do anything spectacular, then why not welcome it with a smile and a happy heart. It's my philosophy these days.

With a big grin, I shout with a cheesy grin  - Welcome! Welkom! Ongi etorri! Bien Binidu! Tervetuloa! Maeva! Croeso!

And, I look forward to walking through that great big door and sharing with all of you my 2016 book releases. The writing cave will be in heavy use with a little bit of sexy romances, urban fantasies, and women's fiction coming your way.

Here's January's release coming soon: TO SEDUCE A BILLIONAIRE

What it's about: Take a trip to Monaco and meet the Laurent brothers—Damien, Dane, Dallon. Seducing A Billionaire is three connected stories of this powerful dynasty that thrives in the high-end real estate market. While this next generation continues the Laurent legacy, they are also Monaco's eligible and downright sexy bachelors. Falling in love may not be on the agenda. Yet, romance knows no bounds when the right women—Anna, Yasmin, Nicola—seduces her man.

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Tell us, how you're planning to welcome 2016.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

Michelle Monkou


dstoutholcomb said...

Watching the Rockin' New Year's Eve on TV--my favorite way!

Michelle Monkou said...

I was barely able to stay awake - LOL

Happy New Year!