Sunday, April 02, 2017

Susan Sands: We Have a Trilogy!

Forever, Alabama is out at long last!! My third in the Alabama trilogy released March 20th.
Forever, Alabama

Ben and Sabine's story was such a labor of love and I've been a little nervous about its reception with readers because of the story's slight change in feel. My books thus far have included mostly women's fiction and romance elements with a goodly dose of humor mixed in. This one began with more a feel of general fiction. Both my hero and heroine had some complex, soul-deep backstory they brought to the table that prevented the lighter coming together as a romantic couple. Their "together" takes a little longer to really take hold, but there's a lot of interesting story that occurs between them before they become an item. So far, the response has been fantastic!

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of fun, family, and small town shenanigans here to keep the lover of small town romance tickled pink. Ben and Sabine have fantastic chemistry. Some books are, by nature, more difficult to write, and don't fit within the genre as perfectly as others.

I attending a wonderful writer's conference over the weekend and sat on several panels. I think the discussions on story, plot, and setting were more helpful to me than to the attendees. Sometimes in hashing things out with other writers, the proverbial light bulb flickers on.

Many many thanks to the Tule Publishing team for all their support and guidance in getting this book baby out into the world! And a huge thanks to Lee Hyat for her help in wrangling this fantastic cover! I greatly respect those who do the things so well that I know would challenge me far beyond my humble writing skills.

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