Friday, April 28, 2017

Motivational Friday: Enjoy (Your) Life

by Michelle Monkou

One of my priorities: Traveling.  My trip to London
Okay, let's notice the boulder in the room -- we all will die.

But that nugget of truth is not the focus of my post.  It's about focusing on the time that you have and living with purpose every day. Yep, I'm continuing my theme from last month.

Don't just be a survivor of life, live boldly and fully. Sometimes that directive is tough.

Look, we're bombarded with our own tough times and then bombarded with national and global events that reflect the worst of humanity, at times. It can get downright overwhelming.

Maybe stepping onto the other side of 50 years old has be navel gazing a bit about what is important in my life. I get hit with news more often than I'd like about a relative, friend or colleague diagnosed with a dire illness or suddenly departed from his/her mortal life. And then there's ageism from various corners of society nipping at my toes as if to remind me of that "pasture" to which I'm supposed to spend my days.  Well, knock on wood, I'm not physically or mentally ready to slow down. Although, those reading glasses are a necessity and a large font is my friend.

But once you set aside ego as your primary motivation for any forward momentum or achievement, then what are the priorities to have, to achieve, to strive toward for that elusive happy place?

And you know what? That list for me is pretty small and simple.

Because for the most part, I'm not sweating the small stuff. And I'm certainly not allowing folks or circumstances a chance to hook their baggage on my bumper for the free ride to dump their issues on me.

Author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker Seth Godin in his blog shared: The difference between who you are now and who you were five years ago is largely due to how you've spent your time along the way.

So I'm purposefully choosing to spend my time enjoying my life (and in a way that is not generally harmful or offensive to humanity).

For my motivational Friday rah-rah speech with cheerleader pompoms, here goes:

Make your list of what would makes you happy.

Make your list of what are your priorities in life.

Make your list of what baggage needs to be offloaded.

Now one day at a time focus on what's important to you. Sometimes a daily motivational nudge from a book or podcast can keep you on track.

And then start enjoying the ride ASAP.



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