Thursday, April 20, 2017

Silver Spoon Romeo coming soon! by Jenny Gardiner

You guys!!!

I’ve got a deadline looming for Silver Spoon Romeo and Lorenzo and Sophie are all up in each other’s business, so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet this time around. I’m sitting outside my favorite coffee shop drinking my favorite iced hibiscus tea (when it’s cold I’m all about the decaf cappuccino, bone dry, whole milk—no doubt the last woman on the planet to use whole milk haha), it’s a beautiful spring morning and it’s just SOOO awesome to be sitting outside writing again!

I adore writing with a cozy fire in the fireplace all winter long, but then you just get the itch to be part of the world again. And this winter I did sort of start feeling like a bit of a hermit, so it’s probably good for my psyche that I’m back amongst humanity again.

The only problem with this is of course my leeeeetle habit of eavesdropping… Do you guys do that? I go to a coffee shop and can’t help but mentally engage myself in the lives of people all around me. No doubt my family thinks I’m weird but I think it’s just that I’m a writer. And a procrastinator. Plus I’m always looking for good material ;-).  Right now it’s two new moms and a yoga teacher (I recognized her from a yoga class I used to take when I was in shape! Damn she can do those impossible gravity-defying poses. But she weights like 100 pounds. Note to self: get yourself back to yoga, dammit!), and I guess the yoga teacher is a therapist who has some program to help new moms coping with new mom-hood. Who can’t relate to that?!

Okay well I’m no longer a new mom--- my youngest turns 23 in May! Yeesh! Where did the time go? My middle one recently turned 25, and my oldest will be 27 this summer (oh and the parrot that showed up shortly after he came along joins him in that birthday: twenty-seven years of cleaning up massive amounts of bird poop daily. Now that is hard to fathom! As an aside, you can read more about that in my book Bite Me: a Parrot, a Family and a Whole Lot of Flesh Wounds.).

Yeah I’m not a new mom but my girls are both getting PUPPIES!!!! IN MAY!!!!! So I will be a grandma to adorable PUPPIES!!!! Um, in case you haven’t picked up on the ALL CAPS, I’m mildly excited about this. As in desperately awaiting their mid-May arrival. Word of warning: next newsletter will probably just be puppy pictures. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a teaser—mama Lilly had nine pups, so she’s no doubt got her hands full. And we’re ready to unburden her of two of these gorgeous babies!

Happy Spring!!!

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