Friday, November 28, 2014

Susan Stephens: 2 Pen Names, 1 Passion for Romance.

Writing under two pen names was always going to be challenging as I have a busy schedule with Harlequin Presents, but it's such fun I'm never too busy to explore the ideas I publish as Xandra King.

Xandra  delves into the mysteries of the universe- sometimes dives in, weaving the supernatural and fantasy ideas into myth and legend, but Xandra's most recent series, COSMIC HOT SHORTS sees Xandra King firmly back in the contemporary arena exploring the values of friendship between women. Oh, and hot sex ;) An odd combination, you might think, but when a group of women get together to discuss lots of things, not least amongst which is their ailing, or non-existent sex-lives, there are bound to be developments! In this case they set about finding some great guys for each other so they can all get more out of life.

The first short in this series by Xandra King - Christmas Nights At The Ladies Club - available now - tells Jane's story. 

Jane is one of the quietest members of the group, but it is Jane who comes up with an idea she thinks might help her friends. 

Little does Jane realise just how much her idea is going to help her too! She gets an inkling when Jake with his 'cobalt blue eyes' walks into Jane's auditions for hot guys to work the night shift at the Ladies Club.  

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And then... I absolutely have to write a Susan Stephens Christmas Novella too, because there is nothing I love more than the holiday season when I have every excuse to load my EReader with every Christmas story I can lay my hands on. There's something about this time of year when authors write warm and fuzzy, and readers get that special boost of warmth and love to take them through the year - or at least it keeps them going until the next romance book they read! 

Christmas With the Billionaire  - available now - is unashamedly warm and fuzzy, with a strong heroine who has the knack of bringing people together. Kate Black just can't help herself, even when faced by a Scrooge-like billionaire who would rather bury himself in work until the holiday season goes away. I can tell you now - there's no chance of that with Kate around!!

Christmas With The Billionaire launches my all-new Black-Heart series - so, if you fall in love with Kate, just wait until you meet her brothers, Nathan, Bastien, and Elijah Black. Warning: They may not be quite such warm fuzzies as Kate. In fact, I can tell you now... they're not!!! But they are hot and challenging, which is what we like!

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And here's my question for you, with a special - 2 - Hooray! - because it's the holiday season -  $10 prizes, drawn at random for the winners...

What's your favourite thing about the holiday season?

Or, would you prefer to join Jason Kent, my billionaire, from Christmas With The Billionaire, and just hide away until it's all over?

Make us laugh, make us cry with laughter, make us think - We can't wait to share your ideas!!

A belated, but no less sincere Happy Thanksgiving! to all my wonderful friends from the US, and a very happy run up to one of the busiest times of the year for everyone!

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With my warmest good wishes to everyone,



Laurie G said...

My favorite thing is decorating the tree with the whole family. We put on Christmas music and fight over the position of our favorite ornaments.

traveler said...

My favorite thing would be celebrating with the grandchildren, eating latkes, giving them cute gifts and having family around.

petite said...

With the season upon us it is a wonderful and special time to appreciate gettogethers with friends and family whom we see rarely which is precious. As time goes on I realize that this is what matters and meals, storytelling and enjoyment is important.