Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Megan Hart: A Bit of This, A Bit of That

Most readers know me for my erotic and romantic work, and it’s true that I’ve been writing sexy romances for a long time, but what many people don’t realize is that I started writing in other genres. Fantasy, science fiction, horror. Mainstream fiction, too. Lovely Wild is a little mixture of several genres, mostly mainstream fiction with a hint of suspense, a breath of romance (though it’s far from traditional) and even a tiny, teeny nudge of fantasy (though not the magic kind!)

Interested? I hope so! Lovely Wild is one of those books you write because the story compels you, and you simply can’t NOT write it. It didn’t have a home for a long time, so when it finally sold, I was thrilled. It’s both very much like my other work in voice and themes but also unlike it, because I wrote it to fulfill my own expectations, not the market’s. It’s a story of hope and redemption and sacrifice and ultimately, although it’s not a romance, it is a story about love.

Most of my stories are about love.

My question to readers is this – when you find an author you love, are you more willing to read books they write in genres you wouldn’t normally explore? What makes an author an auto-buy for you, and have you ever discovered you love a new genre because you’ve taken a chance on a book you wouldn't normally read but it was written by your favorite author?

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*** Megan's winner is Melanie McMahon Ives! Please email with your mailing details!***


Unknown said...

Yes, I would be willing to read anything a favorite author writes...even if it's something usually totally foreign to me, I'd take a chance. I love when an author I enjoy switches around genres, because I like reading so many different types of books. In order for an author to get on my must-buy list, his/her work literally has to change me in some way. If that happens I'm usually hooked forever. While I've read lots and lots of erotica, I've not read a whole lot of romance, so you became a bridge for me to take a chance on other romance authors. I like your work because it is real...not's not always romance, but it IS always love. That is what I can identify with. And when I found out you wrote horror, my preferred genre, I was bowled over. I've not yet been disappointed and you are a must-read no matter what it is...whether short old stories I've not seen before or brand new releases.

petite said...

I would explore reading an author whose writing I enjoy in various genres since their writing is what draws me in. It allows me to enjoy a new book, and experience a different flavor. An author who writes well and writes with depth, emotion and leaves me with an unforgettable thought is what I appreciate.

Megan Hart said...

Melanie, aww, you're a peach!

Petite, thanks for the insight!

erin said...

Oh definitely! If I enjoy an author's voice, I don't care what genre it is in b/c I know that I will get a great story :) Congrats on the new release and thanks so much for sharing!

Laurie G said...

An auto-buy author for me writes books that I continuously want to know the characters or the locale. The writer captures by attention and encourages me to explore the world/situation she has painted.

I haven't fallen in love with another genre but I'm willing to occasionally explore another genre. It's dependent on my mood. One author, Janet Chapman has captured my attention with her time travel books set in Maine. Other authors who I have discaovered outside my normal genres include: Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. JR Tolkien's The LOTR series, CS Lewiis' Narnia series and Stefanie Meyer's Twilight series.

Nora Roberts I follow where ever she goes.
Heather Graham too.

Mary Preston said...

I love crossing genres with authors. When I find a "voice" that resonates with me I'm happy to explore outside favorite genres with them.

The authors I have on auto-buy all write in such a way that they make me crave more.

Megan Hart said...

thanks, everyone! I love hearing about what makes people pick up a book.