Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Margaret Marr: The Holidays Are Upon Us!

I love the holidays. This wasn't always the case. Once upon a time (after the magic of childhood) Christmas became my least favorite holiday. I was a regular grinch. A real scrooge. Sure I would smile the smile and attend all the required holiday events but Christmas was not my fave. Why? Too much pressure!  For an introvert like me, those holiday parties, while fun, were draining. I'm not shy by any stretch, but I recharge my battery with a good book, a cup of hot coffee, and my jammies. Alone in bed with one of my favorite authors to keep me company is truly my perfect night. The continuous parties of the season, while enjoyable, begin to wear me out.  

Plus Christmas came with so many expectations. Expectations that included guessing what gifts family and friends wanted, getting the gift, and then praying that I'd actually gotten the right gift. Plus -- I always seem to forget to have gifts on hand during the holiday season. You know the extra box of chocolate, bottle of wine, christmas tree ornament, or toy that you keep around the house when a friend or acquaintance drops by. 

I was unprepared, unhappy, and unable to grasp the true meaning of the season. For me Christmas simply meant hassles, headaches, and lots and lots of pressure. 

Then I had kids. Once again I got to witness the joy and wonder of the season through a child's eyes. We bake. We listen to Christmas carols. We shop together. We decorate. They go with their father and bring me a tree! Suddenly the pressure was off. Christmas was no longer about me and my inadequacies or failed gift-giving ability but Christmas was now about them--the kids. Seeing the magic in their eyes brought the joy of the season back to me. I can't ever thank my children enough for the gift that they gave me. The gift of enjoying Christmas, once again. 

To celebrate Christmas this year I wrote my first Christmas book. A Christmas Billionaire, book 3 in the Eligible Billionaires Series (11/20). I enjoyed writing this book, because Nick and Noel are meant to be together they just don't know that at the beginning of the book. Also, because, I LOVE CHRISTMAS (thanks to my family) and writing the book was a joy.  

Leave a comment about one of your favorite holidays and I'll have select a winner and send you a copy of A Christmas Billionaire!

Maggie Marr is an author and attorney. She writes The Hollywood Girls Club Series, The Glamour Series, The Eligible Billionaires Series, and The Powder Springs Series. Maggie loves all things pop culture. She is a big fan of Santa, mistletoe, Christmas trees, and elves. She lives and works in Los Angeles. 

*** Margaret's winner is Erin! Please email with your mailing details!***


dstoutholcomb said...

A few years ago, when the kids were not so small and getting older, I had to "take back" the holidays so they could be enjoyable. MIL and her sister "owned" the holidays and demanded we be there--we live several hours away. Dinner kept getting later and later, DH had to work on Black Friday, so we just started having the holidays at home. Wow! What a difference. I could make dinner earlier in the afternoon, still watch the parades, guys could watch the game, we could eat off my china in my dining room, kids could sleep in their own bed, don't have to lug all the Christmas gifts with us, etc... We still visit relatives during the holidays, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are celebrated at our home for our family of 5.


erin said...

I love Christmas. Spending time w/ my family and just enjoying the Christmas season :) Thanks for sharing!

Lil said...

My favorite holiday is Christmas. The food, the get togethers with family and friends, the excitement of gift giving came to me with the ability to say no. I love being involved with the holiday but I guard the time I need to be alone so that I can enjoy the experiences the season brings when I am with everyone else.

Laurie G said...

I like July 4th. It's a more relaxing, casual holiday for me. No shopping involved. Everyone is outside , playing, biking or swimming. The weather usually cooperates. We love hamburgers on the grill.