Friday, January 01, 2021

Top Ten Goals for 2021 by Susan Sands

My mom's Christmas cookie recipe

We've made it! At least we've made it through 2020. 

Politics, pandemic, and loss. There's still a virus, but now we've got a vaccine, which hopefully will help get the thing under control soon. It won't help those who've suffered and lost their lives. It won't help those who've lost their homes and business and who grieve over lost loved ones. But turning a page on this year might help us all mentally do a hard reset.

I've written two books this year, which don't even mention a virus. How can that be possible? My characters don't wear masks or social distance. Strange really. The distraction of writing has been a life-saver to be sure. 

Moving forward with a new year, I honestly need to make some changes in my thinking, and there are things I've decided to consciously do to improve my attitude and my life.

To do:

1) Stop watching the news. (The talking heads are ridiculous)

2) Exercise more. (Just a walk every day, aside from tennis)

3) Stop baking so much and eat healthier. (I love to eat baked goods)

4) Leave the house more. We aren't locked down here, so there are ways to get out. (Staying home ALL the time has become a habit)

5) Contact friends. (I have good friends, but I'm not great at reaching out as much as I should)

6) Only wear pajamas at night. (Self-explanatory)

7) Do some long-range planning on new projects.

8) Visit my son in North Carolina.

9) Have more patience. (With everything and everyone)

10) Emerge from 2020 with new ideas and more energy and find my joy!

What will you do in 2021 to take back your life? Get the vaccine? Make some personal changes? 

I hope you can find your joy in 2021! 

Happy New Year to all!!

Susan Sands


Liz Flaherty said...

I will join you in North Carolina visiting one of our sons and his wife! I look forward to mini-trips, to restaurant eating, and to hugs. Happy New Year!

dstoutholcomb said...

Best wishes!

I'm plotting along. Things are still bad here and we're not supposed to cross state lines.


Susan Sands said...

Hi Liz! Somehow I missed your comment! Yes. It's time to expand our worlds again! Happy New Year!

Susan Sands said...

I hope things get better very soon, Denise!! Hoping one day we meet in person!