Friday, January 22, 2021

#AuthorInterview: Liz Flaherty's Window Over the Sink

Hi, there, readers! I am honored today to bring you an author interview. Liz Flaherty's books are some of my favorite because of her amazing character building, but just before the holidays she took on a new endeavor: a book of essays. You see, one of Liz's first publishing forays was as a columnist; she has kept writing her column and her books for years, but for the first time, a book of just her columns is out in the world. I had to ask her how that came about. 

Kristina: How did your column come to be?  

Liz: I took a creative writing class from the late Vicki Williams and made the discovery that I loved writing essays more than anything else. When I went to work as a stringer for the local newspaper (come to find out I didn’t like writing the news—what a surprise) I finally gathered up a few and asked the editor to give me a try. Thirty years later, I was touched when he agreed to write the foreword for Window Over the Sink.

Kristina: What do you like most about it? 

Liz: It’s the instant gratification of writing. Writing them is quick because you only have one subject, one voice (your own), and usually limited time. 😊 While I love writing books, it’s angsty for me; writing essays is just fun.

Kristina: When did you decide to put the column into a book? 

Liz: I promised my husband, and 20 years or so later, I kept the promise. He’s supportive of my writing in all ways, but the column—that’s the me he knows and understands (sort of.)

Kristina: How did you choose which essays to include? 

Liz: I chose ones that mattered, that held my heart, that readers had liked most and mentioned often. Ones that made me laugh or sniffle.

Kristina: What makes you the most proud of this book? 

Liz: Well, its cover, for one thing. Maddie James designed it, and I am completely in love with it. If I
could paint my column, that would be what it would look like. Other than that, though, I told someone the other day that the picture my grandson took of me had all the wrinkles left in it because he was photographing his nana, not some author. That lady with the wrinkles is who I am at 70 and I like her. She’s the one who wrote Window Over the Sink. And, yeah, I’m proud of her.

Liz's cover is beautiful, isn't it? You can pick up her book - print or e version - at the retailers below. Thanks for joining me today, Liz, and readers, thank you for joining in, too!

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Liz Flaherty said...

Thanks for having me here--this is one of my favorite places!

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thanks for visiting, Liz!