Thursday, August 02, 2018

Moving, Moving, Moving! By Susan Sands

We are scheduled to move the middle of this month. Fingers crossed all goes well with the closing on
our house! It's a local move--a downsize that's a long-time coming. Add to that my daughter's move to college, my middle son's move to a new apartment for college, and my oldest son's upsize with roommates. That one I'm not paying for!

With everyone in my family moving, it means the landscape of our world is changing permanently. Forever. We've lived in the same house for seventeen years. Our children were eighteen months, three years, and in second grade when we moved in 2001. It's the only home they remember--their childhood haven. You'll forgive me if I'm having a moment. My youngest is leaving for college in a week.

I've also been searching listings for a place to live. Has anyone done that lately? Such a big decision to make in a short amount of time. I can't even...

Someone asked me how the writing was going and when my new book was scheduled to release, and I think my stare resembled a cross between wild panic and goofy drooling confusion that made her question my sanity.

Yes, that's how the writing has gone the past month. I've missed it terribly! But sometimes life truly takes over, and without a deadline, I've allowed my passion for writing to take a back seat to the demands of now. But the story hasn't left me. In fact, it's been rolling ahead in my brain during this hiatus. I've solved some plot issues and worked out a timeline conundrum during the packing and hefting. Taking a writing break might just make things go more smoothly when I sit down and open the file. Or, so I like to tell my guilt-ridden self while away from the document.

Anyway, wish us luck with our huge changes. I look forward to the coming weeks, when, for better or worse, we will be on the other side of change.

I hope your summer has been a sweet combination of reading, picnics, and very few mosquitoes! I'm imagining summers' past in my head and wondering where the years went.

Enjoy the last weeks of the best time of the year!!

Susan Sands

Just a little late for Christmas in July!!


dstoutholcomb said...

Best wishes!


susan sands said...

Thanks, Denise! Fingers crossed it will all work out!