Monday, July 30, 2018

When Clans Collide!

It seemed like a good idea at the time.... Those words usually spell doom or mayhem or a little of both! LOL! After dropping in enticing tidbits and mentions of a previous series' family (Clan MacLerie) into the current one I'm working on (A Highlander Feuding), I thought it would be great to write a crossover story. Great idea, right? Especially since the MacLeries have been very good to me in sales around the world -- TAMING THE HIGHLANDER has sold more than 300,000 copies in 20 languages! So, let's take a daughter from that series and match her up with a son from the current one.... Seemed like a good idea....

And it is a good one -- it just requires a lot of research and family trees and timelines and reviewing of past books and characters to make sure everyone is the correct age and time and place to meet up with the others. So, I broke out my sketchpad and lined paper to put the stories in chronological order and sort through the various heros and heroines and their connections.
The books include:

My character list looked something like this:

 I needed an appropriately-aged couple with a convenient backstory and I found Sheena MacLerie and Robbie Cameron. It was so exciting to begin to revisit the MacLeries - Connor MacLerie remained my all-time-favorite hero -- the Beast of the Highlands is back! Readers will learn more about the hero - whose father unexpectedly became chieftain of the powerful Clan Cameron in my 'A Highland Feuding' series -- in my upcoming book - A HEALER FOR THE HIGHANDER. Much to the surprise of everyone, there are now three contenders to inherit the chieftain's seat by the end of that book.

Do you like mixing/crossing connected series? Revisiting previous ones and discovering what the characters have been doing? Seeing the children grow up? I do, which is why I'm having such fun planning this story AND the next two. 

AND - which version of this spectacular cover do you like better? The US on the left or the UK on the right? 

I hope you'll let me know! 

Terri is hard at work finishing "Taming His Wee Highland Beastie" and celebrating the re-release of her steamy, emotional, dark and magical STORM series! Visit her website for more info and links to all her books! She'll have more exciting news about her contribution to the GHOSTS OF CULLODEN MOOR series that will release in September! 

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