Thursday, November 02, 2017

Merry Christmas, Alabama: Susan Sands

Christmas, Alabama was released last week, and so far, it's getting fantastic reviews! Whew.
Christmas, Alabama
Until the reviews begin coming in for a new book, an author sweats just a little. This is my first Christmas or holiday story. The season shares the spotlight with the characters and plot because there are so many things going on around our characters while they are connecting and moving forward with the story arc.

Dressing up Ministry for Christmas was great fun and a new challenge. There's a beauty pageant, a 5K Jingle Jog, tour of historic homes, old fashioned Christmas parade, a cookie bake-off, and an imported tree the size of which rivals the one in Rockefeller Square. Oh, and snow blowers.  The snowstorm that hits Alabama is unexpected, and causes all sorts of mayhem for the hero and heroine, Nick and Rachel. Nick is the fill-in doctor who doesn't want to be in Ministry for the holidays, and Rachel is the town's photographer who is not looking for love.

The two become neighbors and share casseroles brought in by the single women in town. Their love of football leads to friendship, which leads to far more. How can a temporary doctor from the city find a way to happiness with a small town girl who plans to stay in Alabama? Christmas magic, that's how!

"I enjoyed this refreshingly sweet and entertaining story from start to finish. Each new character in this quirky small town was colorfully described in vivid detail in an amusing manner that frequently brought a smile to my face. The main players were intriguing and endearing, although Rachel was initially rather prickly and aloof. Ministry, Alabama sounds like a unique and appealing community populated with a wide assortment of odd and lively personalities. Ms. Sand’s writing was easy to follow, well-appointed, and flowed with a smooth elegance that kept me tethered to my Kindle. I plan to pick up the previous installments to further acquaint myself with this enticing and engaging group of citizens."   --Amazon Reviewer

I hope everyone enters this holiday season with hope in your heart and a big stack of books on your TBR pile!!



dstoutholcomb said...

I enjoyed it so much. Sorry to be late with the review. Will be up soon.


susan sands said...

I’m thrilled you liked it, Denise! Thanks for reading and reviewing!!❤️

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Sounds like fun reading. We went to Dauphin Island, Al in February a few years ago right after a huge ice storm hit. Amazed by the number of cars off to the side of I65 and the stories of people trying to get home!!!

susan sands said...

I know. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, look out!! Just look what happened here in Atlanta a few years ago. What a nightmare!! Thanks for stopping by!!