Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Making a Personal Sacrifice - The Greek's Forbidden Princess - Annie West
North American cover

I'm thrilled that my second PRINCESS SEDUCTIONS book, THE GREEK'S FORBIDDEN PRINCESS is out now. This story follows Princess Amelie of St Galla who has left her homeland with her recently orphaned little nephew, Seb. She's on a mission to find someone who can help the traumatised boy, even if it means confronting Lambis Evangelos, the man who so cruelly rejected her. But arriving at Lambis's Greek hideaway, he refuses to let her in, much less agree to listen to why she's here. He's totally focused on getting her to leave, for Lambis has secrets of his own and having Amelie disrupt his solitude, reawakening dreams he's stifled so long, would be unbearable. Here's a snippet:

A vice clamped on her shoulder. A hot vice with fingers that dug into her flesh through her thin sweater. His heat after the stinging cold surely explained the rush of energy raying out from the spot.
Amelie turned, meeting that gunmetal stare head on.
‘Don’t touch me.’
‘Or?’ This time both jet black eyebrows rose.
‘Or I’ll bring a case of assault so fast your head will spin. And, in case you think I’m bluffing, let me warn you I’ve reached my limit.’
‘Even if it means inviting media attention?’
Because he knew — how could he not? — that she’d only made it this far by avoiding the media.
Carefully Amelie closed the car door and turned fully to face him. He was so close he ate up her personal space. He was so big she’d feel crowded and intimidated if she weren’t past caring.
‘That’s one thing about reaching the end of your options. I don’t give a damn.’ She smiled and this time actually felt pleasure, for she saw the shadow of doubt in his stern face. He’d thought she’d be easier to bully.
‘I could call a reporter now. By nightfall we’d have a posse of them here, eager for developments.’ Amelie rested her hands on her hips, enjoying the fleeting sense of power that flooded her freezing body.
Yet still he didn’t take the bait.
She waited as the seconds ticked into a full minute and more. Still he didn’t move or give in.
UK cover
Even if she followed through and made a formal complaint, or brought in the press, she’d be the one to lose. She and Seb.
They had lost.
She’d gambled against the odds with Seb’s future and failed. Now time was running out.
The enormity of it was a body slam, jarring her from head to toe. She had to stiffen her knees to stop from crumpling as she unravelled inside. All her hopes shattered and little Seb… No, she couldn’t think about it now, with this man watching her like a bird of prey spying on a mouse. She needed privacy when she finally crashed.
Whiplash fast she shoved his hand off her shoulder and moved towards the driver’s door.
‘Where are you going?’
Amelie didn’t answer. This was probably the first time in her life she’d ignored a direct question. It should have felt liberating, but all she registered was choking misery.
She ripped open the driver’s door. They couldn’t stay here. If she was to get them safely back down the mountain they had to go now.
The sound of swearing stopped her. Low and soft, his rich voice turned even the tumble of foreign swear words into stream of velvet heat.
‘Just tell me what you want, princess.’
Amelie didn’t let herself flinch at his bitter use of her title. He said it like they were strangers. Nor did she turn.
She didn’t want to see the steely face of Lambis Evangelos, the man who’d shattered her dreams and now held her hopes for little Seb in his brutally hard palm.
‘You.’ Her throat closed so it came out as a whisper. She swallowed and tried again. ‘I want you.’

Amelie is desperate to help her nephew, which is why she's willing to confront the reclusive, enigmatic man she'd once loved. Have you ever had to do something difficult for someone you cared about?

I'd love to hear what it was. Who knows, maybe I'll find inspiration for another story!

Australian cover


dstoutholcomb said...

not that kind of sacrifice.


Eileen A-W said...

Not like that

Annie West said...

Hi dstoutholcomb and Eileen. Amelie's situation is a little unusual, isn't it? But I think we all make sacrifices from time to time for those we love. Thanks so much for stopping by! :)