Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Historical Romance Retreat

Last month I did something truly amazing. I was invited to be one of the featured authors at the Historical Romance Retreat, a dedicated reader event which took place in the opulent Historic Davenport Hotel sleepy Spokane, Washington. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the entire event blew me away. The attention to detail was staggering and all credit must go to historical romance authors Renee Bernard and Delilah Marvelle.

The readers were fabulous and all dedicated fans of the historical romance genre. One of the best things about the five days I spent with them, is that I spent it with them. You are not an author behind the table. At HRR you are very much part of the event, whether that being the table host serving tradition English afternoon tea to the readers, being a croupier at the period themed gambling night or leading the dancing at the fabulously ostentatious Grand Ball. Authors host workshops. Mine was entitled The Discerning Lady's Guide to Regency London, a raucous romp through my home town in the 19th century that started and ended in the gutter.

Other workshops mixed perfumes, delved into the fascinating world of herbal medicine and we all got to make hats with Eloisa James. My was a doozy which was coveted by all (or so I am led to believe!).

The best part of the whole event was being with friends. I went with my good friend and fellow Totes Bags 'n' Blogs historical author Nicole Locke. I knew nobody else. I left with so many new friends- both authors and readers alike- that I cannot count them.

Next year it is in California and the author line-up is being announced soon. If you love historical romance YOU HAVE TO GO! It is the most fun you can have with your (period) clothes on.

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