Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Nicole Locke - Snippets from the Historical Romance Retreat 2017!

Historical Romance Retreat 2017 is over, and I just want to share with you what an incredible experience it was.
Except, how do I describe that for an entire week, I lived, breathed, chatted, and laughed historical romance? How to explain that readers and writers of historical romance watched their beloved genre come to life before them?
Because that’s what happened. There were lectures on port and perfume, and little gems regarding the back roads of Regency London. 

There was Afternoon Tea, a black and white film in a preserved theatre, and gambling with Regency games. We made fascinators, sipped on absinthe and nibbled on historical desserts. 

Attendees celebrated with historical clothes from Medieval gowns to Mid-Century swing dresses, from cravats to shoe buckles. The gentlemen had their own private clubs to attend. Hijinks occurred and a duel was fought in front of all.

Then we danced at the Grand Ball.

Was there a favourite bit for me? Oh yes, and that was chatting with everyone, readers and writers alike. The days when we had breakfasts, lunches and dinners together. 

The times we laughed during the book signing. The brief hellos and happy words in the hallways. 

All those moments full of fun and yet, ever so dear as well. Those moments were my favourites because though my gowns and shoes are now put away, I can still share those happy Retreat times and all the moments yet to come.  Love to you all, and to those I’ve yet to meet! Hope to see you at the next Historical Retreat!

Nicole :-) 



dstoutholcomb said...

looks like it was fun. did you find the shoes you wanted?


Nicole Locke said...

Hello Denise!
Well, the story of the shoes had a happy ending. I was still desperately searching when my friend, Virginia Heath (fascinator picture), came to the rescue. We went to a store where I didn't find anything and was turning to leave...when she found a sparkly silver pair...the day before we were to leave. Whew.

dstoutholcomb said...