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Xenakis's Convenient Bride by Dani Collins

The Secret Billionaires - Book Two

On the 16th of May, June, and July, look for interviews with the authors of each book in this fun trilogy about tycoons who go undercover to win a bet and lose their hearts along the way...

How does your hero go under cover?

Stavros Xenakis is sent back to the Greek island of his youth. He arrives to a pair of swim trunks and the realization that he is about to become a pool boy.

What does he think when he finds out exactly what the bet entails? (Share a couple of lines if you like)

Stavros is a good sport about the new job, but he has to face guilt over his father's death when he arrives at his childhood home. He soon sees Calli, the gorgeous housekeeper, but presumes she's the new owner's mistress. 

As he’d followed the map, he had recognized the dip and roll of the road through the hills, eighteen years of changes notwithstanding. His heart had grown heavier with each mile, his lungs tighter.
Then, when he discovers Calli asleep on a floatie in the pool...
Sex with that woman right there would certainly take the sting out of today’s situation. The next fourteen days, in fact.
Who is your heroine? What does she think of Stavros when she first meets him?

When Calli meets Stavros, she instinctively knows he's more than what he appears. She had her heart broken by a tourist in the past, though, which makes her wary of the effect he has on her. She tries to take him down a peg. It doesn't go well. (Hint: punishingly tender kiss)

What situations or challenges does Stavros face that risk exposing him?

When Stavros cuts his leg, she has to take him to the clinic, where his name almost gives him away. Then her employer shows up and he can tell something is off with Stavros, but Calli is crushing hard by then and defends him.

What does Calli think when she realizes who he really is?

She's stunned that he has returned when he seemingly rejected her at the end of his 'job.' Now he's proposing? Stavros's grandfather wants him to marry. He knows Calli wants to go to New York and offers to take her there if she'll marry him long enough for him to take control of the family business. He doesn't know she wants to look for the son who was stolen by the baby's father when he was only a few weeks old. Calli sees no need to reveal that, but it's an offer she can't refuse. So even though she doesn't quite trust him, she goes along with the deal.  

Share a few lines of her reaction?
“Calli will be coming to New York with me. As my wife.” 
“What?!” Calli didn’t realize she’d been holding a champagne flute until it hit the tiles and smashed, leaving a wet stain spreading on the fancy new tiles Stavros had laid and now possessed. She swore under her breath and shot an abashed look around
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