Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Addison Fox: Friendship and Joy and Quiet Moments

I had a wonderful opportunity this past week – a dear friend of mine has been in for several days and it’s been so nice to simply sit still, catch up, laugh and relax a bit. It doesn’t happen all that often – that ability to shut down and focus and simply enjoy a few moments without other distractions.

Life is busy. The weeks begin and end in rapid succession and it’s easy to look up and find yourself wondering where the days have gone. That’s why those quiet moments – and the opportunity to sit still – is so lovely.

For me, reading often provides the same benefits (albeit without an ability to do a gabfest over a glass of wine!) Those quiet moments when I can shut out the noise and the clutter of the day and do something that’s enjoyable – simply for the joy of the thing.

So as we enter into summer – always a busy time – I wish you some of that quiet. Those little moments spent in a way that makes you happy. A conversation with a friend. A nap underneath a tree. An ice cream cone. Whatever it is, enjoy!

Thanks for joining me today!


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