Friday, June 02, 2017

Christmas is Coming! Post by Susan Sands

Christmas is coming to Ministry, Alabama!

I've been asked to write a Christmas story as a fourth installment in my Alabama book series for Tule Publishing. I'm so excited to finish out the year with this story following Forever, Alabama's release back in March.

I laughed just a little when I saw the idea suggestions for the tone of this title. The word that sprang out at me was fizzy-- as in, effervescent. When I think about the holidays, and how celebrating them might be with the Laroux family in Ministry, Alabama, fizzy might be a descriptive word one could use. A Southern, Christmas-set small town romance. Sounds fun.

But hey, we've got to have some complications here, don't we? Trust issues, family strife, drama, suspense. You're darn right. We can have it all--and we will, y'all. Christmas, Alabama is shaping up to be loads of fun. Handsome stranger, town photographer, and the whole town getting ready for the yearly Christmas festival.

So, as I lower my thermostat, listen to Christmas carols in the middle of summer, and rewatch some of my favorite recorded Hallmark holiday classics, I'll be working on capturing the Christmas spirit and creating another Alabama story for readers.

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dstoutholcomb said...

I love Christmas-themed stories. Can't wait!


Mary Preston said...

This does sound like fun. Bring on Christmas.