Thursday, March 16, 2017

Feeling Lucky?

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, which I know very little about aside from you're supposed to wear green and if you find a four-leaf clover, you're lucky.

Frankly, after what has felt like a very long winter, I would feel insanely lucky if I saw any clover of any variety. Our lawn is still white, white, white.

But even in the height of summer when I was a kid with nothing but time on my hands, I never found a four-leaf clover.

My grandmother often did. She was an avid gardener and would leave them to dry in a dish on her kitchen table. It always seemed so magical to me that she could just be weeding away and--oh, there's one! Lucky.

My husband has found them. He would say it's because he's one-quarter Irish, but I know it's because he has infinite patience. (That's also why we're still married.)

Our daughter seems to have inherited the ability from both sides. She finds them quite easily. It's very annoying for someone like me, who is, apparently, four-leaf-clover blind.

Have you ever found one? Comment below with your story. I'll check back in on March 24th and draw one lucky winner. The prize is a print copy of my March book, Pursued By The Desert Prince.

Draped in the Desert Prince’s diamonds…
To ensure his sister’s successful marriage, Kasim, Crown Prince of Zhamair, must stop Angelique Sauveterre’s alleged affair with his future brother-in-law. But when Angelique denies any involvement, Kasim can’t resist the chance to make the feisty beauty his!
Angelique is tempted by Kasim’s offer of a fling—always compared to her twin sister, she’s never allowed to just be herself. They couldn’t be from two more different worlds, yet Angelique blossoms under Kasim’s touch, and surrenders to the desert Prince. But can he give her more than passion and precious jewels?

Dani Collins is the USA Today Bestselling Author of thirty books for Harlequin Presents, Montana Born and herself. 
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Elisabeth said...

Yes I have found quite a few four-leaf clovers in my time. My sister by the way, can so relate to you. She never found a single one.

Laney4 said...

Jeepers. I've never looked for one! Wouldn't know one if I fell over it even....
Thanks for sharing.

dstoutholcomb said...

I've found a few over the years.

Also feel lucky--received a mystery book from you the other day--thanks!


Audrey said...

I would love to find an actual four-leaf clover. The closest I've come is discovering the little green marshmallow ones in the box of Lucky Charms cereal. Ha! Congrats on the release, Dani. Keep the great books coming!

Mary Preston said...

I have never found one, but I have looked, My mother has one pressed in the family Bible.

Carol L. said...

I have only found one in my life. My youngest daughter has found a few. But the other 6 children never did. Thanks for the post. Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) AOL (dot) com

Dani Collins said...

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your comments!

The official winner is Audrey, but since we're celebrating luck, you all get lucky!

Please email me through my contact page here:
or message me on FB with your mailing address. (Remind me you're a Totes winner.)
I'll send all six of you a book :)

Dani Collins said...

Laney pointed out my contact page isn't working properly.
Try emailing me at

Technology. Argh!

Mary Preston said...

Thank you!!