Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kristina Knight: Taking a Break to Sew

The Bears Project
By Kristina Knight

This winter instead of frigid temperatures and a lot of snow on the ground, we've had a lot of gloom and rain and cloud cover. Now, don't get me wrong, I like a good rainy day. Rainy days are great for reading or bingeing on a favorite TV show. They're great for movies, and they're also great for writing.

But 67 of these days in a row? Can get a little the point you need to head to Home Depot or Lowe's for one of those 'happy lights' to chase the winter blahs away. Which is why, on day 54 - when bebe had a day off from school - I decided to brighten the day with fabric.

bebe is always up for a little craft project - three years ago she helped me pick out fabric for a book quilt for our new nephew and a couple of summers ago, we made a raggedy jelly roll quilt .

What I like about sewing is that it frees my subconscious to think about other things. I'd just received a revision note on my next SuperRomance from Harlequin, and I've been trying to figure out the basics for a new series I want to start, and I'm waiting on edits for another of my SuperRomances, and I need to figure out the conflict elements for the book I have in there are a lot of characters vying for attention. They don't all talk at once, but invariably when I start thinking about one project the next wants more attention.

Quilting gets me out of the cacophony of characters talking in my head - because I need to concentrate on how cutting the right dimensions, and where I want the seams to go, and which thread is going to add dimension to which fabrics. The characters have to settle down, and invariably while they're settled, my subconscious goes to work.

By the time I had all the squares for this project cut out and put together, I knew what I wanted to do with those conflict elements, and I had a better grasp on the new series...and I still didn't have edits for that other book, but I thought I had a better handle on the revision note, too. Which led to another a-ha moment for the book in draft. And I got all of that when I wasn't actively thinking about any of them - I was focused on seaming and thread and how to arrange each square...and on and on.

I also had a great conversation with bebe, and I won't hear from my editor for a little while yet, but I'm eager to hear her thoughts...all because of a super simple quilt pattern, some fabric and thread.

Do you sew or quilt? When you're not writing, what kinds of creativity inspire you?

Kristina Knight's latest release, Protecting the Quarterback, is available now from Harlequin Superromance: 

This is more than just a game … to her.

Sports broadcaster Brooks Smith has always been more involved with the game than the players. But after she shares the spotlight at an awards ceremony with tabloid sensation Jonas Nash, one night of letting her guard down around the infamous quarterback spirals into many heated days and nights together when she gets assigned to the story of the year…

The hottest player in professional football is hiding a secret that could end his career for good. Now Brooks is caught on the sidelines between the job she loves and the man she is falling in love with.

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Liz Flaherty said...

I love when sewing weaves itself neatly into writing! I tend to sew to take my mind away from problems on the page. I guess it "soothes the savage beast" of revisions, moving forward, or wherever I need the help! Nice post, Kristi.

dstoutholcomb said...

I have a quilt I started years ago. I have a lot that my grandma made.